Research Projects

List of research projects

S/N Title of Research Projects PI School
1Research Study into the Signage Framework for Commute Facilities in SingaporeA/P Xu HongHSS
2Research Study into Parking Provision for shoebox Retail UseA/P David WangCEE
3First/last mile trips (with focus on cycling) at Jurong lake districtA/P Wong Yiik DiewCEE
4Tunnel Environmental baseline Evaluation towards sustainable tunnel environment, energy consumption and urban planningAsst/P Victor ChangCEE
5Braced excavation induced ground movementsA/P Anthony Goh Tech CheeCEE
6Derivation of Traffic Flow models for the development of underground road network in SingaporeA/P Wong Yii DiewCEE
7Effective Techniques for Quick Response to Oil Spillage on Singapore RoadsA/P Lim Teik ThyeCEE
8Human Factors Study in the On-Board Unit (OBU) DesignA/P Xu HongHSS
9Speed Safety Threshold for Bicycles and Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) and Enforcement ReviewA/P Xu HongHSS
10Walking / Cycling Virtual SimulatorA/P Yap Fook Fah MAE
11Walking-Cycling Demand Model at Neighbourhood LevelA/P Wong Yiik DiewCEE
12Before-and-After Evaluation of Implementing Bicycle-Centric Infrastructure in a TownshipA/P Wong Yiik DiewCEE
13Serviceability (Crowdedness, Comfort and Weather Protection) of Commuter and Bus Infrastructure Adjoining MRT StationsA/P Wong Yiik DiewCEE
14Reviewing Cross Section of RoadsA/P Wong Yiik DiewCEE
15Identifying Performance Indicators for Inclusive StreetsA/P Wong Yiik DiewCEE
16Mitigation of Construction Risks through Improved Characterization of a Newly Encountered Geological Formation Prof Chu JianCEE
17Condition Monitoring of High Voltage DC Traction System Based on Inductive Coupling MethodA/P See Kye YakEEE
18Research on Low Carbon Bainitic Rail Steel and Its Potential Future ImplementationProf Pang Hock Lye, JohnMAE
19Mechanical Failure Analysis of Railway ComponentsProf Pang Hock Lye, JohnMAE
20Evaluation Of Human Factors In Wayfinding Within MRT/LRT Transit AreasA/P Xu HongHSS
21Study on the Acceptable Reflectance Level of Body Wrap and Paintwork on Road VehiclesA/P Xu HongHSS
22Real-time Ground Settlement Monitoring using Fiber Optic SensorsProf Yang YaowenCEE
23GIS-based Lifecycle Durability Assessment of Underground InfrastructuresProf Tan Kang Hai CEE
24Research Study On Thermal Actions For Bridge Design In SingaporeProf Tan Kang Hai CEE
25Process Transformation For Rail Projects Towards The BIM/VDC-Based Technologically Enhanced WorkflowA/P Tiong Lee Kong, RobertCEE
26Research into impacts of new generation electronic road pricing (ERP-2) system A/P Wong Yiik DiewCEE
27Optimal design of active mobility infrastructure taking into account the behaviour of usersAsst/P Zhu FengCEE

Identifying Performance Indicators for Inclusive Streets

NTU Team: A/P Wong Yiik Diew, Dr Lum Kit Meng, Mr Gopinath Menon, Wang Yongcheng, Premnath s/o Suparamaniam.

LTA Counterparts: Dr Kelvin Goh, Justin Roh, Lee Wen Yan

Research study into reviewing cross section of the roads (Completed)

NTU Team: Wong Yiik Diew; Lum Kit Meng; Dwi Phalita Upahita; Wang Xueqin; Che Maohao

LTA Counterparts: Kelvin Goh; Ridzwan Ramli; Liu Qiaozhen

Walking-Cycling Demand Model at Neighbourhood Level

NTU Research Team: PI A/P WONG Yiik Diew; Co-PI Assist/P XU Hong; ROJAS LOPEZ Maria Cecilia

LTA Counterparts: Puay Ping KOH; Chris ZHOU; Ivy CY HO

Serviceability (Crowdedness, Comfort and Weather Protection) of Commuter and Bus Infrastructure adjoining MRT Stations

NTU Research Team: PI A/P WONG Yiik Diew; Co-PI Asst/P XU Hong; SUN Shanshan; ZHOU Qingji

LTA Counterparts: Kelvin GOH; Xueya LU, Syamim MUHD

Before-and-After (B/A) Evaluation of Implementing Bicycle-Centric Infrastructure in a Township

NTU Research Team: PI A/P WONG Yiik Diew; Co-PI A P Gopinath Menon; CHE Maohao; ROJAS LOPEZ Maria Cecilia; ZHOU Qingji

LTA Counterparts: Puay Ping KOH; Ivy CY HO; Chris ZHOU

Derivation of Traffic Flow Models for the Development of Underground Road Network in Singapore

- Julius R Secadiningrat | A/P Wong Yiik Diew | Asst/P Wang Zhiwei | Dr Yeung Jian Sheng | Shi Si | SohLing Tim | Yeo Se Lay | Liu Guoqiang | Carissa Ma

To understand how drivers’ behaviours in tunnels influence traffic performance

GIS-Based Lifecycle Durability Assessment of Underground Infrastructures

- Prof TAN Kang Hai, Dr GUAN Ling Wei, Dr ZHANG Yao, Dr GOH Kok Hun, Dr SHI Xiaomeng, Dr Thiri SU

Research study into first/last mile trips (with focus on cycling) at Jurong Lake District

To undertake the first/last mile (FLM) trips with focus on cycling to/from MRT stations in the Jurong Lake District (JLD) area

Research Study into Signage Framework for Commuter Facilities in Singapore

To develop a complementary and value-add guidelines to Singapore’s existing wayfinding system

Research Study into the Mode Split, Trip Generation and Parking Provision for ‘Shoebox’ Retail Use

PI: Wang Zhiwei, David,
Gopinath Menon, Lum Kit Meng, Aghil Rezaei Somarin

A key question to the parking provision policy is whether the prevailing minimum parking requirement for Retail and F&B use should still be made based on the original standard of GFA or the number of retail units to cater for such new “shoebox” retail use.

Tunnel environmental baseline evaluation towards sustainable tunnel environment, energy consumption, and urban planning

- Asst/P Victor Chang, Assoc/P Wong Yiik Diew, Ms Lu Ping, Mr Lim Lean Wan, Dr Cheong Mun Kit, Mr Petrus Ricky Handojo

Investigating environmental conditions of underground road system using KPE as observation basis

Virtual Reality Transport Simulators