About Us

Singapore CEA Alliance for Research in the Circular Economy​

In August 2018, The Nanyang Technical University (NTU) and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission(CEA) established a joint center in Singapore called  “Singapore CEA Alliance for Research in the Circular Economy” (SCARCE). For CEA this represent the first joint centre outside of France in which it is involved. The centre’s focus is on research on Waste Recycling with an aim  to develop advanced technologies in sorting, dismantling, dissolution, separation and materials reuse processes in order to enable innovative solutions for the management of wastes. The initial focus of the SCARCE will be on e-waste and more specifically:

  1.       Recycling of Lithium Ion Batteries
  3.       Recycling of Silicon Solar Panels
  5. ​​      Recycling and recovery of valuable metals from Printed Circuit Boards
  7.       Detoxification and recycling of toxic plastics in E-waste

Overall, this centre will accentuate the concept of “urban mining”, mostly through novel deployments of extractive hydrometallurgical techniques, for efficient and clean recovery and reuse of materials from recycled e-waste in particular and on other wastes in future projects. The program aims to reach solutions and demonstrate the technological advances via lab scale pilots (1-10 kg/h) for every validated process steps, beyond the state of the art and relevant to the above e-wastes. This endeavour will contribute to the Singapore sustainability blueprint and further develop its local industry whereas for CEA, it will enable a faster access to market and return on investment for new materials/product/process concepts currently under development within its laboratories.