Institutional Review Board

Chair's Message

Recently, LKCMedicine researchers led by Prof Russell Gruen had an extended discussion on Good Research Practice. They collectively made 19 statements of commitment, intent and principles in their conduct of research under the headings of the 5 LKCMedicine values - Humility, Compassion, Continuous Learning, Professionalism and Integrity. Under "Integrity" their statements related to IRB and ethics read, "I will ensure my research subjects fully understand and consent to participate in my study. I will conduct and report my research truthfully and accurately. I will be honest about mistakes and appropriately report incidents that could compromise the good standing of the school."

Dean James Best wrote, "As researchers, we have responsibilities to our subjects, colleagues and the wider society. As a School, we are responsible for fostering a culture that supports and embeds good research practice and thereby maintains the compact between science and society." The NTU Institutional Review Board (IRB) echoes these sentiments.



IRB exists to foster and facilitate good and ethical research practice in NTU to achieve three objectives:

  • To protect the rights and welfare of all our volunteer research subjects.
  • To ensure that the conduct of our research serves interests of individuals, groups and/or society as a whole.
  • To ensure the highest ethical standards and compliance with regulations governing research, including management of risk, protection of confidentiality and the process of informed and voluntary consent.


As a world-class university, the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore upholds to the highest standards of research integrity. The NTU IRB will be an instrument of the University to help all staff and students observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the conduct of their research