Defence Technology Prize Award: Prof Pan Tso-Chien (Individual)

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Professor Pan was the founding Director of the MINDEF-NTU Protective Technology Research Centre (PTRC) which was established in 1998 and has been pioneering R&D efforts in the Protective Technology domain. He is instrumental in building up core R&D capabilities for Singapore in the areas of Response of Structures Under Dynamic Loading, and Rock Engineering and Cavern Technology for defence application and homeland security. Under his leadership, the PTRC has become well known internationally for its pre-eminence in these areas.

Prof Pan has played an integral role in the build-up of a strong in-country capability in protective technology. As part of The Protective Technology Research Team, he was awarded the Team Defence Technology Prize in 2006, for developing innovative technological concepts and solutions to enhance the protection of defence facilities and critical infrastructure. His team's research work also demonstrated how technology can be creatively exploited in the optimisation of land use in Singapore.

Protective Technology Development and PTRC's Contribution to Defence Under Professor Pan's leadership, PTRC has spearheaded the following major R&D projects which have made significant impact on advancing protective technology in Singapore’s defence capabilities:

  • Response of Structures to Explosions
  • Rock Engineering and Cavern Technology

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