About Us


History of ORTDS

In 2014, Temasek Laboratories@NTU celebrated their 10 year anniversary. NTU President Professor Bertil Anderss said : "NTU is a big university and we have many collaborations with MINDEF and other defence organisations. We need to coordinate that to make it more efficient, to know what the left hand and right hand are doing.Therefore we have to put up this office where a lot of the defence-related research is going to be put together, coordinated and funded, and have a more direct dialogue with MINDEF. It will also serve as NTU’s main interaction point with MINDEF and we will continue to work closely with MINDEF to strategically identify future critical research areas, capabilities and educational opportunities.”

NTU has with MINDEF many collaborations over the past two decades, the Office of Research & Technolgy in Defence & Security (ORTDS) was set up to further advance this strong partnership by consolidating NTU’s expertise and capabilities in this vital sector. The office will bring under its wing all the defence-related centres and laboratories in NTU. The agreement was signed in 2014 and the office started in 2015.



Purpose of ORTDS


The current landscape for the defence science research is elaborated. MINDEF and NTU partnered to set up many centers within NTU over the years. The resources within the wider NTU often comes into play with the current research projects. Very importantly, there is the big pool of potential resource and experts out there where we have yet to tap on and we are constantly searching for opportunities to bring them into the NTU pool. To attract new collaborations, we need to keep our channels efficient and open.

ORTDS's unique position as the over-arching body will serve as a master planner role within the defence and security research landscape. It will be able to orchestrate and plan strategic intiates across discipline and entities to ensure key areas are addressed. In the long term, we aim to influence directives and spearhead NTU's new strategic thrust in the area of defence security research through collaborations and enhance exploration into new discovery areas and novel applications.



Our Commitment & Objectives​​

Commitments3.JPGOur commitment and objectives are listed above. We plan to add value to the defence and security research community through the following areas:

1. Facilitate collaboration integration and provision of strategic oversight
2. Catalyse innovative, relevant and dual-purpose research
3. Improve efficiencies and synergism between investment & resources
4. Groom young scientists and ensuring continuity of research talent pool
5. Promote talent attraction, retention and core team stability



Our Management Organization


A lean strategic planning unit, Team ORTDS leverages on existing supporting functions within NTU and work closely with our collaborators to facilitate our work.

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