FACTS - A Research, Teaching and Training Unit

FACTS is a central facility for the advanced application of electron microscopy & X-Ray diffraction to materials research and is open to scientists and engineers from NTU, NUS, A*STAR RIs and private companies.

The Need:

Materials Science and Engineering is the study of the structure, properties, behavior, and processing of materials and their applications in engineering and industry. It is now de rigueur that such investigations are conducted at atomic scale both as means of materials optimization and materials discovery. To this end, atomic level crystallographic, structural and chemical analysis using electron and X-ray probes provide an essential underpinning for the design, development and validation of nanomaterials.

The sophistication of top-end hardware to conduct such studies, together with challenge of data collection and interpretation, has meant that specialists are now required to maintain equipment at peak performance and assist scientists and engineers to gather and manipulate information.

The Philosophy:

FACTS seeks to address this need by consolidating in a single location a range of complimentary instruments, which in combination, can solve a subset of important characterization requirements for inorganic materials. In addition to hardware, specialists with substantial experience will be accessible to assist users to realize their research goals.