Research and Publications

Please acknowledge our facility in any scientific publication or oral presentation where the data presented are collected from our instruments or with the help of FACTS’s staff.

For publications in the form of refereed papers, conference proceedings and presentations, please include the following lines to your acknowledgement section: 

'We would like to acknowledge the Facility for Analysis, Characterisation, Testing and Simulation, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, for use of their electron microscopy/X-ray facilities.'


We also invite you to please share the outcomes of your research with us whenever you publish results acquired in our facilities. 

We have created a link for submitting your publications. It’s easy and it only takes a moment. This information is very useful because it can help us to evaluate which instruments and applications are being used effectively, as well as identify any areas where more support or better instrumentation could be provided. Selected publications will be featured on our website.

Your research accomplishments are very important to us, because your success is our success. By showing that our state-of-the-art instruments help generate world class research, we are able to secure continued support for our existing facilities and expand our capabilities in the future.

SUbmit your publications here 

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