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​​​​​Information for New Users regarding Equipment Training and Usage

Users who wish to use our instruments via usage with assistance or need further advice, please email us @ with the questionaire available below, with any literature for our reference.
-  Click [here] to download questionnaire. 

Only official NTU staff with NTU Staff card; Students and Exchange students with NTU matriculation card, are allowed to use train and operate FACTS equipment independently. 

For equipment training, all NTU users must meet the below requirements.

List of requirements and notes:
A. Safety training
B. Administrative requirements and Equipment Theory Qualification
C. Practical Training and Instrument Access
D. Important Notes

[ A. Safety training ]

Before registering for equipment training:

  • All users must have completed the required E-Learning Safety courses in NTULearn.
  • All users intending to use XRD or XPS must pass additional modules for Ionising Radiation on NTULearn.
  • MSE Lab users must have attended MSE Lab Orientation.
    For Non MSE users, a separate lab safety briefing for FACTS will be conducted - it is not necessary to register for MSE Lab Orientation.
  • Click [here] for more info on the safety requirements to be cleared.



[ B. Administrative, Sample requirements and Equipment Theory Qualification ]

Before registering for practical training:

  1. MSE FYP users, please refer to additional instructions at the below link :

  2. a) Please download a questionnaire from the below link and send it to before preparing for training - do consider attaching literature related to your project for our reference. This will help us further advise you on your project requirements.

    b) Please also attach a print-out of your safety e-learning transcript in your email for our record.
    This transcript is available on Stafflink/GSLink/StudentLink.

    - Click [here] to download questionnaire. 
    - Click [here] to find out on the safety modules required & how to print out the e-learning safety transcript from Stafflink/GSLink/StudentLink.

  3. Users intending to use the scanning EM are recommended to find out if they need the
    Thermionic-SEM or FE-SEM before requesting for training. Generally, non-conductive samples with feature size < 500 nm may require the FE-SEM. Our FACTS staff can advise you accordingly if you have questions or doubts on this.

  4. Non-MSE users and all undergraduate IO/IA/URECA/UROP students,
    please email for additional arrangements before registering for training.

  5. Samples must be ready for characterisation.

  6. Users must pass the respective theoretical OMNI SEM/TEM/XRD quiz.
    1. For reading materials on SEM/TEM/XRD, please visit [here].
    2. ​To register an OMNI account:
      - For FYP students, click [he​re]
      - For Research Staff and Post-graduates, ​ click [here] .
    3. To access OMNI quiz, click [here].​

  7. Equipment Usage and Training is chargeable. Please seek approval from your supervisor, and do note that financial arrangements may have to be made before training. 


​[ C. Practical training and instrument access]

  1. Please note that TEM, FE-SEM and XRD cluster 2 instruments are only for Postgraduate students and research staff. 

  2. Users must clear their Safety requirements, Theoretical OMNI quiz and have their samples ready before practical training. Please inform the respective Scientists that you've cleared these requirements.

  3. After passing OMNI quiz:
    - For XRD training, please register online at the [Equipment Training Schedule].
    - For FE-SEM training, please email Dr Derrick Ang (
    - For Thermionic-SEM training, please email Alan Lim (
    For TEM training, please email Dr Tay Yee Yan ( 
    - For FIB training, please email Dr Lek Jun Yan (
    - For XPS training, please email Dr Teddy Salim (  and  Dr Liu Weiling (    

  4. Practical training will be arranged, according to details on confirmation email sent by the respective instructors.

  5. A FOM account is needed for instrument access.
    Please sign in for the first time in CEBS-FOM at if have not done so before.                 

  6. There will be assessment during practical training.
    Access to instrument will be given only when user shows satisfactory performance during assesment.

  7. Users must comply with the required directives indicated in the FACTS Lab General Usage Briefing notes 
    [ click here to access briefing notes.]
  8. User can apply for lab card reader access to FACTS, after passing practical training.
    Please click [ ​here​ ]for more information on lab card access.
    Do note that only trained users will be granted card access to FACTS.


With the use of FACTS equipment, users must read and abide by the policies set out at the policies page. Penalties apply for non-compliance.

[ D. Important Notes: ]

  1. Only official NTU staff with NTU Staff card; students and exchange students with a NTU matriculation card are allowed to use FACTS facilities.  
  2. Practical training includes technical handling and also assessment on user's ability to understand proper operational requirements, in order to avoid system damage and other health and safety concerns. Users are advised to be well prepared before coming for practical training.
  3. English is the language of instruction used for training. Trainees are expected to comprehend all training and instructions given by FACTS staff.
  4. Undergraduate students are only allowed to use the Thermionic SEM and XRD Cluster 1 (Shimadzu XRD) equipment.

  5. After training:
    • SEM/FESEM/XRD users must use at least 3 hours within the first 30 days of training, or their access will be automatically deactivated.
    • TEM users must use at least 2 sessions within first 3 months of training before access is automatically removed.
    To regain access, user must wait for at least the following month for retraining.
    There will be charges for retraining.
  6. If there is no usage of instrument within 365 days from the last usage, access will be automatically removed by the FOM server. Retraining with charges is applicable in this case.
  7. For booking of instruments, users are encouraged to cancel the booking early if they do not need the slots. Charges will still apply if users cancel booking within 24 hours or fail to turn up for usage thereafter.
  8. If a user uses an instrument booked under the name by a different user, this constitutes as unauthorized usage. Penalties including access removal to ALL FACTS equipment will apply. Users are advised to request FACTS staff to change the booking to the correct user, instead of simply allowing access to someone who needs the access.
  9. Users will bear the cost of any equipment damage and will be instrument will be revoked for any misuse.
  10. User are responsible for their data generated with instruments. FACTS will not be responsible for any data loss. In this regards, users are recommended to export their data out to their personal cloud storage immediately after data capture.

*For further enquiries, please contact: