Facility for Analysis Characterisation Testing & Simulation


FACTS is open to users for equipment usage, via: 

  • Equipment training, to operate our instruments independently. If instrumental work is going to be regular, or there is a fair amount of samples, training is recommended.
    Please see [ Info for new user on equipment training ].

  • Usage with assistance - Users can opt for usage with assistance with our scientists, if equipment usage is going to be one-off, irregular, or if there just a few samples. Users are welcome to consult our staff scientists for further advice on their characterisation work. 

  • For users who require Usage with Assistance, or wish to seek advice on whether equipment training is necessary, please click [here] to download a questionnaire - and send this to us with your queries and any reference literature, to facts@ntu.edu.sg

**FACTS Policies / Rules & Regulations:

Instrument reservation and charges:

  • All users have equal chance for instrument reservation, regardless of which School he/she is from.
  • The charges are the same for ALL NTU users. Manpower costs apply for usage with assistance by FACTS staff.
  • Please see this link for List of Charges for Facility Usage
  • There is no priority booking time given to any school users, at prevailing rates.
  • For urgent instrument booking, a double charge will apply for such requests. This is subject to equipment and manpower availability, and will be evaluated on a case by case basis;
  • Special experiments that may require long acquisition times will be review on a case by case basis.
  • For booking of instruments, users are encouraged to cancel the booking early if they do not need the slots. Charges will still apply if users cancel booking within 24 hours or fail to turn up for usage thereafter.

Rules and Regulation - instrument clusters:

Safety and General Lab Usage directives:

* Users must comply by FACTS policies; university health, safety and environment related guidelines, SOP & etc, as indicated in the FACTS Lab General Usage Briefing notes .

* Users must conduct Risk Assessment for their work, especially for sample handling in FACTS. Any hazardous samples must be informed to FACTS staff before this enters the premises.

Instrument care - damages and down-time

* Users must exercise care when using the facility. This is to avoid damage to instruments and instrument down time. FACTS may remove instrument access of any user who through negligence or otherwise, cause down time or inconvenience to other users.

* If an user causes down-time or damage in any form, an incident report should be submited to FACTS detailng the event and root cause. This should be endorsed by the Supervisor/PI of the user.

* Users will bear the cost of any resultant damage and may be barred from facility usage, if misuse occurs. 

Data management
* User are responsible for their data generated with instruments. FACTS will not be responsible for any data loss. In this regards, users are recommended to export their data out to their personal cloud storage immediately after data capture. Removable drives are not permitted.

Facility usage acknowledgement in Publications

We require all users that they acknowledge the use of our facility in all forms of reports and publications. This is important for us to justify future funding of our facility. Such funding will be used to improve and procure new instruments. In the end it will benefit your research works as we would be able to provide and support more advanced characterisation techniques.

For publications in the form of refereed papers, conference proceedings and presentations, please include the following lines to your acknowledgement section:

'The electron microscopy (or XRD) work was performed at the Facility for Analysis, Characterization, Testing and Simulation (FACTS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore'

To keep track of all of this we also require all users to submit a copy of such publications. This will be highlighted in our website so it will be helpful in advertising your work!