Facility for Analysis Characterisation Testing & Simulation


​For interested users, please take note:

  1. Charges below do not include Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  2. Office hours refer to 8 am - 6 pm (Monday to Friday; excluding public holidays)
  3. Charging applies to all research staff and students.
  4. Undergraduates are only allowed to operate Thermionic SEMs and XRD cluster 1.
  5. Undergraduates are allowed to use XRD cluster 2 (subject to approval).
    They have to submit their samples to the person in-charge. Charges will be incurred.
  6. Minimum 1 hour usage charge for SEM/XRD, 2 hours for TEM / FIB.
  7. For priority booking, a 100% extra charge will be imposed.
  8. Charges will still apply if users cancel booking within 24 hours or fail to turn up for usage thereafter. Hence, users are advised to cancel their slot early, in order for other users to use the instrument.
  9. For non NTU users, only Usage with technical assistance from our scientists.
    Please email us at facts@ntu.edu.sg for a quote .

* For single crystal XRD, usage with technical assistance only. Each sample run is capped @ 250SGD/hr.

** For EPMA, usage with technical assistance only. 50% discount for long single overnight runs. 

*** For FIB training, if user is not proficient enough to operate the FIB at the end of the training, extra day(s) of training will be required at the rate of 400SGD/day.

Usage Hourly Rates


(Operate without assistance)

(Usage With assistance)
​Other Academic Institution
(Usage With Assistance)
TEM Cluster
​TEM 2100F57237308
​TEM 201042222289
TEM Carl-Zeiss Libra 120 (low kV)
TEM Carl-Zeiss Libra 120 (low kV Cryo)
Aberration-Corrected TEM Cluster

Field-Emission SEM Cluster
​FESEM 7600F
​E-beam lithography system
Thermionic SEM Cluster
Thermionic ​SEM 636015​115​150​
Thermionic SEM 5500LV​15​115​150
Thermionic SEM 5410

XRD Cluster 1
XRD ​Shimadzu Powder
XRD ​Shimadzu Thin Film
​XRD Cluster 2
XRD ​Bruker D8 Advance 18118154
XRD ​Panalytical X'Pert Pro ​18​118​154
XRD Cluster 3
​High Temperature XRD Siemens D5005 ​16116​151​
Bruker D8 Discover HR-XRD ​20140​182​
Bruker SMART APEX II SC-XRD*​--144​188
Small-Wide Angle X-ray Scattering
SWAXS Anton-Paar SAXSess
SWAXS ​Xenocs Nano-inXider

Microanalysis / Surface techniques
​XPS Kratos AXIS Supra

Focused Ion Beam
Zeiss Crossbeam 540 FIB***​60​

Specimen Preparation Cluster
(no assistance)
​Disc cutter & grinder​3
​TEM 2100F
​TEM 2010
​TEM Libra 120


​Cryo-TEM training
​FE-SEM cluster
Thermionic ​SEM cluster
​XRD cluster 1
​XRD cluster 2​200
​XRD cluster 3
​E-beam lithography training

​Specimen Prep Training (PIPS, Dimpler, Disc Cutter & Grinder)​100
​Specimen Prep Training (Ultramicrotome)​100
​Specimen Prep Training (Cryoplunger)​150
FIB training​
830 / training***​
​XPS Training

​1200 / training