​​​FACTS Art​​ of Science Competition 2017

Scientific Major Prize

Scientific 1st prize by Zhu Chao.jpg 
1st prize image: Ultra-thin nano-channels embedded in 2D matrix by Dr Zhu Chao
Scientific 2nd prize by Tiukalova Elizaveta.jpg 
2nd prize: HAADF-STEM micrograph of LNMO cathode nanoparticle by Tiukalova Elizaveta

Scientific 3rd prize by Chaturvedi Apoorva.jpg
3rd prize:  From the Muddle of Atoms to Coherence of Crystals by Dr Chaturvedi Apoorva


Scientific Consolation Prize

Scientific consolation by Chen Junze.jpg 
Edge epitaxy of 2D MoSe2 nanosheets on 1D Cu2-xS by Dr Chen Junze

Scientific consolation by Aravind Muthiah.jpg ​
Bones by Dr Aravind Muthiah

Scientific consolation by Reinack Varghese Hansen.jpg 
 From CNT forests to webs by Dr Reinack Varghese Hansen

Scientific consolation by Wang Zhiwei.jpg 
Nanowires/inverse opals by Wang Zhiwei
Scientific consolation by Ke Yujie.jpg Patterned VO2 nanocrystals by Ke Yujie
Scientific consolation by Kerk Swat Kim.jpg 
Human Hair Shaft VS Pseudomonas aeruginosa by Kerk Swat Kim


Artistic Major Prize

Artistic 1st prize by Aravind Muthiah.jpg 
1st prize image: Dragon egg in the Micro World by Dr Aravind Muthiah
Artistic 2nd prize by Zhu Wenyu.jpg 2nd prize: WO3-CNTs composites by Dr Zhu Wenyu
Artistic 3rd prize by Hortense Le Ferrand.jpg 
​3rd prize:  Squid-beak proteins and the great divide by Hortense Le Ferrand​

 Artistic Consolation Prize

Artistic consolation by Zhu Wenyu.jpg 
BiOCl nano-flowers grown on RGO sheets by Dr Zhu Wenyu​​
Artistic consolation by Che Boyang.jpg 
"Galaxy"-Electrochromic MoO3 Thin Film by Che Boyang
Artistic consolation by Fan Teng Fei.jpg 
A bioinspired container covered with thorns by Dr Fan Teng Fei
Artistic consolation by Tan Ee-Lin.jpg 
Cell binding to functionalized pollen particles by Tan Ee-Lin





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