The FIB is a versatile analytical tool for materials science, semiconductor industry, etc. It is built on a FESEM platform for site-specific analysis, cross-sectioning, deposition and removal of materials, TEM lamella preparation and so on. The FIB is equipped with a Ga ion beam, Pt and C gas injection systems and an in-situ manipulator for lamella preparation and nanofabrication work.

Contact persons:

1.       Xi Lifei (Dr), email: lifei.xi@ntu.edu.sg
2.       Derrick Ang (Dr), email: dang@ntu.edu.sg


ZEISS Crossbeam 540

Resolution : 0.9 nm @ 15kV (SEM) & 3 nm (FIB)

Accelerating Voltage: 0.1kV to 30 kV

FIB probe current: up to 40 nA


       In-lens Secondary electron detector & Backscattered (EsB) electron detector

       Secondary Electron and Secondary Ion imaging detector (SESI)

       Annular Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) detector

       Omniprobe manipulator

       Pt & C gas injection systems

       Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDS)

Samples for FIB operation should be restricted to dimensions of not larger than 10 mm x 10 mm x 5 mm (thickness). If not electrically conductive, they should be conductively coated to minimize sample drift during operation.