​Aberr​ation-Corrected Transmission Electron Microscope​

Contact Persons:

1. Tay Yee Yan (Dr), email: yytay@ntu.edu.sg

2. Chris Boothroyd (Dr), email: cbb@ntu.edu.sg

Please download the application form (ARM200F-Applications-v1.4.doc) and return the completed form to us.

tem arm200f.jpg
TEM mode at 200 kV
1. Lattice Resolution 0.072 nm
2. Point resolution 0.189 nm
STEM Mode with Probe Corrector
1. HAADF Resolution < 0.078 nm at 200 kV
2. HAADF Resolution < 0.136 nm at 80 kV
3. Aberration Free Area Angle: 40 mrad at 200 kV
4. Aberration Free Area Angle: 35 mrad at 80 kV
Other Features:
1. Gatan One-View CMOS Camera 4k x 4k with In-situ Imaging Features
2. Oxford X-Max TLE 100 mm2 windowless EDX silicon drift detector (~0.7 sr solid angle)
3. High Angle Annular Dark Field, Annular Bright Field and Bright Field STEM Technique​​