About Us


Facility for Analysis, Characterisation, Testing and Simulation (FACTS) is NTU's university central shared facility, specialising in characterisation in the field of electron microscopy and x-ray techniques. 

We provide state of the art electron microscopes and X-ray instruments and the expertise to use them to all of NTU and beyond.

Mission & Vision:

FACTS seeks to

  • provide state of the art characterization instrumentation, expert support and training in order to meet advanced characterization requirements for materials for the NTU community, Singapore and beyond.
  • enable global scientific collaborations and partnerships with international facilities.

FACTS aspires to be a leading characterization centre and to be an integral part of research activity related to characterization at and beyond NTU.


  • To provide comprehensive characterisation services to staff and researchers from NTU, RIs and external organizations.

  • To provide a platform for students, staff and researchers to be rigorously trained in the use of the state-of-the-art characterisation and analysis facilities.

Discovery Driven...Impact Creation

FACTS is an University facility setup to provide advanced instrumentation for in-depth investigations and fundamental understanding of functional materials. This will translate into the optimisation of design of novel materials that is critical to the delivery of enhanced properties and performance leading to the discovery of new materials. To these ends, the core competency of FACTS is nanometrics - measurement at the atomic scale - using electron and X-ray to probe crystallographic, morphological and chemical properties.

Instrument Management & Client Services
FACTS hosts a range of advanced electron- and X-ray-beam based instrumentation for the chemical, structural and morphological analysis of materials. The facility is open to scientists and engineers who are conducting cutting edge research but is not setup for routine analyses and quality control purposes. FACTS caters for both expert and casual users. The latter can call upon our research scientists for expert advice and operation of these instruments.

Introductory and Advanced Training
There are courses ranging from introductory level to expert level that are offered to users. Expert level courses are offered in smaller groups to provide in-depth instruction for specialized techniques and analysis. There are also training offered for a range of hardware and software.

New Materials Research:
FACTS scientists conduct independent and collaborative research in all fields of materials science and engineering. These studies often involve local and international collaborators, and proposals by potential collaborators are always welcome. FACTS has also established formal and informal linkages with synchrotron, neutron beam and electron microscope centres worldwide that can be accessed by their research partners.