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Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Yoon Yong Jin

Adjunct Associate Professor

Assoc Prof Yoon Yong Jin

Dr. Yong-Jin Yoon joined Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as an Assistant Professor in January, 2010. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in the Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University in September 2009. During his PhD study, he also obtained two Master degrees in Stanford: one in Electrical Engineering, focusing on MEMS and Signal Processing, and the other in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Medical Device Design. He was the co-founder of one internet solution company and one online game company in South Korea back in year 2000.

During his doctoral study in Stanford, he worked in OtoBiomechanics Group in the fields of hearing mechanics. He worked closely with Stanford Medical School Otolaryngology Department for Head, Neck Surgery, focusing on inner- and middle-ear biomechanics, auditory technologies, surgical simulations, μCT and MR imaging. Currently, his researches at NTU include biomimetic electroacoustic MEMS transducer, psychoacoustic neuroscience, bio-chemical MEMS sensor, medical device, and surgical simulation. Contact:
Research Interests
Biomimetic electroacoustic MEMS transducer

Bio-chemical MEMS sensor

Health monitoring medical device using sensor network

Surgical simulation

Psychoacoustic neuroscience
Current Projects
  • Cochlear-Inspired Microfluidics Function
  • Development of Electrical Control Based Solutions to Reduce Fatigue in Marine Propulsion Drivetrains
  • Nano-grid for Lighthouse Operations and Deployment (N-LOAD)
  • Neurodevice program: High-throughput microassembly & packaging
  • Novel approaches for biometric systems
  • Silicon Nano Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (Si-nSOFCs) – Toward Scalability by Low-cost Semiconductor Processes
  • Sub Project 1 - Optical Sensors for High Sensitivity Motion Detection
Selected Publications
  • Kim, P., Ong, E. H., Yoon, Y.-J.*, Li, K. H., Ng, S. H., and Khuntontong, P. (2016). Low-cost, disposable microfluidics device for blood plasma extraction using continuously alternating paramagnetic and diamagnetic capture modes. Biomicrofluidics, 10(2), 024110.
  • Teo, A., Mishra, A., Park, I., Kim, Y.-J., Park, W.-T., Yoon, Y.-J.*. (2016). Polymeric Biomaterials for Medical Implants and Devices. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2(4), 454–472.
  • Han, K., Yoon, Y.-J.*, Shin, Y., Park, M. K. (2016). Self-powered switch-controlled nucleic acid extraction system. Lab on a Chip, 16(1), 132-141.
  • Chen, W. X., and Yoon, Y.-J.*. (2015). Effects of basilar membrane arch and radial tension on the travelling wave in gerbil cochlea. Hearing research, 327, 136-142.
  • Ho, B., Ng, S. H., Li, K. H., and Yoon, Y.-J.*. (2015). 3D printed microfluidics for biological applications. Lab on a Chip, 15(18), 3627-3637.

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