Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Zhang Yi

Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Asst Prof Zhang Yi

Yi Zhang is current an Assistant Professor at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Nanyang Technological University. He received his B.Eng degree in Bioengineering (1st Class Honor) from Nanyang Technological University in 2007 and his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2013. After his graduation, he joined the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN), A*STAR, as Postdoctoral Fellow and was appointed as Research Scientist in 2015.
Research Interests
Yi Zhang's research goal is to advance biomedical research at the interface of engineering and clinical investigation to address the diagnostic needs in modern medicine practice. His current research will focus on developing and validating novel diagnostic assays and platforms using advanced micro/nanotechnologies. In particular, his research aims to expand his line of inquiry on two fronts: 1) develop novel diagnostic assays and platforms, bridge the gaps between clinical innovations and technological advances, and translate discoveries to bedside use, to address the needs for more sensitive, accurate and rapid diagnostics and monitoring; 2) understand disease pathogenesis, discover and validate biomarkers, particularly epigenetic biomarkers, through innovative use of advanced micro- and nanotechnologies.
Current Projects
  • 3D-Printed Active Compression Therapy Device for the Prevention and Treatment of Venous Disease
  • Developing 3D-Printed Magnetic Digital Microfluidic Platform for the Diagnostics of Carbapenemase Resistant Infections
  • Developing a Digital Microfluidic Point-of-Care Platform for the Diagnostics of Infection Caused by Carbapenemase Resistance in Gram Negative Bacilli
  • Developing a Droplet based Assay Platform for Rapid Sample-to-Answer Bedside Infectious Disease Diagnostics
  • Developing a Magnetic Digital Microfluidics-based Point-of-Care Infectious Disease Diagnostic Platform
  • Developing a Peptide Nucleic Acid-Locked One-Step MicroRNA Quantification Assay for Biomarker-Based Molecular Diagnostics of Bacterial Infection
  • Enabling Digital Gastronomy for 3D Food Printing
  • Magnetic Digital Microfluidic Platform for Rapid Point-of-Care Immunity Check
  • Personalized Wearable Active Compression Device with 3D-Printed Stretchable Sensor for Venous Disease Prevention and Treatment in the Elderly Patients
  • The Integrated Optofluidic System for Fast E. Coli Detection in Drinking Water
Selected Publications
  • Y.Z. Shi, S. Xiong, Y. Zhang, L.K. Chin, Y.–Y. Chen, J.B. Zhang, T.H. Zhang, W. Ser, A. Larson, L.S. Hoi, J.H. Wu, T.N. Chen, Z.C. Yang, Y.L. Hao, B. Liedberg, P.H. Yap, D.P. Tsai, C.-W. Qiu & A.Q. Liu. (2018). Sculpting nanoparticle dynamics for singlebacteria-level screening and direct bindingefficiency measurement. Nature Communications, 9, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-03156-5.
  • Y. Z. Shi, S. Xiong, L. K. Chin, Y. Yang, J. B. Zhang, W. Ser, J. H. Wu, T. N. Chen, Z. C. Yang, Y. L. Hao, B. Liedberg, P. H. Yap, Y. Zhang and A. Q. Liu. (2017). High-resolution and multi-range particle separation by microscopic vibration in an optofluidic chip. Lab on a Chip, 17.
  • Y. Zhang and N.T. Nguyen. (2017). Magnetic digital microfluidics–a review. Lab on a Chip, 17, 994-1008.
  • Y. Zhang*, Y. Zhang*, J.M. Burke, K. Gleitsman, S.M. Friedrich, K.J. Liu and T.H. Wang. (2016). A Simple Thermoplastic Substrate Containing Hierarchical Silica Lamellae for High-Molecular-Weight DNA Extraction. Advanced Materials, 28, 10630-10636.
  • L. Novak, P. Neuzil, J. Pipper, Y. Zhang, and S. Lee. (2016). An Integrated Fluorescence Detection System for Lab-On-A-Chip Applications. Lab on a Chip, 7, 27 - 29.

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