Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Fang Xiaoping

Assistant Professor, School of Humanities

Asst Prof Fang Xiaoping

Fang Xiaoping received his PhD in History from the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he majored in modern China and the history of science, technology and medicine in East Asia from 2002 to 2008. He studied and worked at the Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, UK (2005-2006), the Asia Research Institute of the NUS (2008), and the China Research Centre of the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia (2009-2013). He is Fellow of the National Humanities Center, USA, 2019-2020. His current research interests focus on the history of medicine, health, and disease in twentieth-century China and sociopolitical history of Mao’s China after 1949. He is the author of Barefoot Doctors and Western Medicine in China (Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2012) and China and the Cholera Pandemic: Restructuring Society under Mao (Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, in press).
Research Interests
History of medicine, health, and disease in twentieth-century China
Sociopolitical history of Mao’s China after 1949
Current Projects
  • Between Hierarchy and Equality: Women Doctors, Modern Medicine, and Socialist Politics in China
  • From Private to Public: Identities and Practices of Village Doctors in China's New Rural Medical Reform
  • Pandemics in Mao's China: Disease and Mobility between the Great Famine and the Cultural Revolution
Selected Publications
  • Xiaoping Fang. (2020). "Mass Inoculation and Rural Rhythms: Local Agents, Population Data, and Restructured Social Systems in the Cholera Pandemic in China, 1962-1965". Modern China, (July), 1-32.
  • Xiaoping Fang. (2019). "Changing Narratives and Persisting Tensions: Conflicts between Chinese and Western Medicine and Professional Profiles in Chinese Films and Literature, 1949-2009". Medical History, 63(4), 454-474.
  • Xiaoping Fang. (2017). "Bamboo Steamers and Red Flags: Building Discipline and Collegiality among China's Traditional Rural Midwives in the 1950s". The China Quarterly, 230, 420-433.
  • Xiaoping Fang. (2014). "The Global Cholera Pandemic Reaches Chinese Villages: Population Mobility, Political Control, and Economic Incentives in Epidemic Prevention, 1962-1964". Modern Asian Studies, 48(3), 754-790.
  • Xiaoping Fang. (2012). Barefoot Doctors and Western Medicine in China. Rochester, New York: University of Rochester Press.

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