Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Lim Soon Tiong Alvin

Adjunct Associate Professor

Assoc Prof Lim Soon Tiong Alvin

Dr Alvin Lim is Deputy Head of Cytogenetics at the Department of Pathology, Singapore General Hospital. His vision is tor the laboratory to remain at the cutting-edge of medicine and helps achieve this by introducing and developing new tests and technology, and in providing continual training for his staff. He is also involved in many of the hospital's committees and coordinates attachment programmes between the various institutions of higher learning and the Department of Pathology. He coordinates the BMS 303 Pathology module for NTU on behalf of the Department of Pathology, Singapore General Hospital. He is an adjunct Associate Professor with the NTU's School of Biological Sciences.
Research Interests
Dr Alvin Lim's research interests are in constitutional chromosomal abnromalities and copy number changes seen at prenatal diagnosis and in newborns. He is also actively involved in investigating chromosomal and gene rearrangements seen in haematological disorders, in particular multiple myeloma.
His earlier research activities were on human oocytes and spermatozoa when he was with the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Singapore General Hospital.
Selected Publications
  • Lai-Ching Lau, Ping Lim, Yik-Chen Lim, Tse-Hui Lim, Lay-Cheng Lim, Soon-Tiong Lim, Warren G Sanger, Sim-Leng Tien. (2008). Occurrence of trisomy 12, t(14;18)(q32;q21), and t(8;14)(q24.1;q11.2) in a patient with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics, 185(2), 95-101.
  • Diana GS Lim, M Nga, Leonard HC Tan, SB Ng, SL Tien, AST Lim, Thomas P Thamboo. (2008). Primary nodal follicular lymphoma with spindle cell features: A potential diagnostic pitfall. Histopathology, 53(1), 120-122.
  • AST Lim; TH Lim; SK Kee; P Chia; S Raman; E Eu; JYC Lim; SL Tien. (2008). Holoprosencephaly: an antenally-diagnosed case series and subject review. Ann Acad Med Singapore , 37(7), 594-597.
  • Lee Mee Ho; Alvin Soon Tiong Lim; Tse Hui Lim; Siew Chen Hum; Su Ling Yu; Theunis Frans Kruger. (2007). Correlation between semen parameters and the hamster penetration test (HEPT) among fertile and subfertile men in Singapore. Journal of Andrology, 28(1), 158-163.
  • Chuah C; Lim TH; Lim AS; Tien SL; Lim CH; Soong R; Lee F; Linn YC; Goh YT; Cheah FK; Loh AH. (2006). Dasatinib induces a response in malignant thymoma. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 24, e56-8.

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