Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Thng Tien Guan Steven

Adjunct Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Prof Thng Tien Guan Steven

Dr Steven Thng graduated from National University of Singapore in 1992 and went on to pursue his interest in Humanitarian and Disaster medicine with the Singapore Armed Forces from 1992 to 2002. In the 10 years that he was with the Army Medical Services, Dr Thng was frequently deployed into disaster zones as well as countries with civil unrest, providing medical help to the population in those countries. It was during those deployments that he discovered his interest in dermatology and he went on to be trained as a dermatologist in 2002.

After completing his dermatology training in Singapore, Dr Steven Thng went on to Amsterdam Medical Centre, Netherlands, to continue his training in pigmentary disorder, under Professor Westerhof. Upon returning from his training, Dr Steven Thng started the pigment clinic in National Skin Centre as well as set up the melanocyte culture lab to start his work on cultured melanocytes grafting for vitiligo patients.

Currently, Dr Thng is the head of the pigment clinic, in charge of managing all complex pigmentary disorders in National Skin Centre, and he is also the principal surgeon for tissue grafting for vitiligo. This year, he has also started a research clinic for hyperpigmentary disorders exploring novel ways to manage difficult hyperpigmentary conditions.

Dr Thng also holds an adjunct appointment in NTU Material Science and Engineering Department where he focusses his research on use of nanotechnology for advanced drug delivery for dermatological use.

Dr Thng also holds an adjunct appointment in IBN.
Research Interests
Pigmentary Disorders:
o Melanoblast differentiation, melanogenesis regulation, and skin photobiology with the aim to elucidate pathogenic mechanism underlying pigmentary disorders, especially in vitiligo.
o Cell culture techniques including cocultures of keratinocyte and melanocyte.
o Surgical techniques in the management of pigmentary disorders.
o In-vivo confocal imaging for pigmentary disorders
o Concept of targeted therapy for treatment of hyperpigmentary disorders. (Working with Prof Sierin Lim, NTU)

Use of nanoemulsion for dermatological application:-
o Topical tranexamic acid for management of melasma (working in collaboration with IBN, A*STAR)

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