Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Lee Pooi See

Dean, Graduate College
Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Prof Lee Pooi See

Asst. Prof. Lee received her Ph.D. degree from National University of Singapore in 2001. She first joined Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Ltd in research and technology development department from 2001-2003.
She is a recipient of the 2001 Norman Hackerman Young Author award presented by the Electrochemical Society, USA. In January 2004, she joined the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University as an Assistant Professor. She has authored and co-authored many publications in the field of nano/micro-electronics and organic electronics, in which she holds several patents. She served as the Sub-Dean/Asst. Chair (undergraduate) in MSE from July 2004 - 2008. She is a member of IEEE and Materials Research Society.
Research Interests
Nanoelectronic materials, Organic electronics and memory, Ferroelectric polymers, Capacitor materials, Energy Storage
Current Projects
  • Advanced ReRAM Technology for Embedded Systems
  • Autonomous Self-Powered Electronic Devices
  • Borates for energy generation and management
  • Deformable electronic materials and devices for human machine interface
  • Electrochromics Smart Glass
  • Enabling Stretchable Metallic Conductors through Atomic Reconfigurations in FCC/BCC Nanolayers
  • Flexible High Performance Supercapacitors
  • Flexible Wearable Energy Devices
  • High Performance Capacitors
  • High performance electrochemical actuators
  • Hybrid Graphene – Ferroelectric Films for Novel Photovoltaic Application
  • In-situ heater for scanning electron microscope
  • Inkjet Printing of Electrochromic Smart Window
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Investigation of Gas Permeability in MMA
  • Metal-Phthalocyanine based sensing layer for gas sensor application
  • Monetary Academic Resources for Research
  • Multi-layer polymer capacitors using grafted fluoropolymer for applications in mobile phone cameras
  • Multifunctional High Performance Solar Coating
  • NRF-NTU-BGU-HUJ Program-Nanomaterials For Energy And WaterManagement
  • NRF-NTU-BGU-HUJ Program-Nanomaterials For Energy And WaterManagement Category 1(NTU): Nanomaterials For Energy AndWater Management
  • Nanowire sensors
  • Next generation high performance transparent conductors for flexible interactive touch devices
  • Poly(Vinylidene Floride)-Based Thin Film Polymers For Ferroelectric Memory Device
  • Project Cadence-Dirp
  • Rare-earth materials for sub-45nm nano-electronic devices
  • Resistive switching based on organic ferroelectrics
  • Spray pyrolysis deposition of functional coatings
  • Sub-Project 3 - High Performance Capacitors
  • Surface chemistry of electrochemical redox active nanomaterials
  • Sustainable materials: green avenues towards high value products
  • Synthesis and Assembly of Transition Metal Oxide Nanostructures for Electrochromic Devices
  • Thin Transparent Polymer transducers for the Smart Interface
  • Toward giant tunnelling electroresistance effect in organic ferroelectric tunnel junction memristors
  • Towards Innovative Manufacturing with Advanced Materials for Energy and Energy-Water Nexus Phase II (NEW-CREATE2)
  • Tunnel Junction Resistive Memory For Memory and Logic Integrated 3D IC
  • Ultra-Pseudo Supercapacitor with Nanocarbon and Ternary Metal Oxides Composites
  • Wet chemical routes to electrochromic glass
Selected Publications
  • Lee Pooi See, Peter Damarwan, Chan Mei Yin.(2008). Rare Earth Oxides for Nanoelectronic Applications. Handbook of Nanoceramics and their nanodevicesAmerican Scientific Publishers.

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