Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Premchand Varma Dommaraju

Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences

Assoc Prof Premchand Varma Dommaraju

I am an Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Master of Science in Applied Gerontology at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

I’m a sociologist and demographer working on issues of critical importance in Asia including changing families and households, union formation and dissolution, ageing and urban liveability. A key goal of my research is to deepen understanding, enhance engagement and provide insights on Asian population issues with work that is meaningful and relevant to south and southeast Asia including Singapore.

I teach core courses in social statistics, research design and quantitative methods for sociology and gerontology, comparative social policy, ageing policy in Asia, and population and society.

I received my PhD in sociology from Arizona State University and did my post-doctoral fellowship at Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. I did my MA in sociology at University of Wyoming and received B.Eng. (First Class) in computer science from University of Madras.
Research Interests
My main research agenda focuses on social and demographic transformations, demographic responses to social, political and economic changes and on the resulting challenges and opportunities in Asia. I have particular focus on three regions in Asia—South Asia, Singapore and Southeast Asia and Central Asia—and on the common issues faced by the diverse societies in these regions. My research agenda has four major themes: marriage and divorce, families and households, ageing and urban liveability.
Current Projects
  • Changing Expectations of Old Age Support: Implications for Intergenerational Solidarity in Singapore and China
  • Immigration and the Changing Patterns of Family Formation among Singapore Indians
  • Old Age in South India: Demographic, Health and Social Aspects of Ageing
  • Social, economic and political change and family patterns in Reformasi Indonesia
  • Understanding Changes in the Marriage Systems in Southeast Asia: A Cross-National Comparative Approach, 1965-2015
Selected Publications
  • Visaria, Abhijit and Premchand Dommaraju. (2019). Productive Aging in India. Social Science & Medicine, 229, 14-21.
  • Dommaraju, Premchand and Victor Agadjanian. (2018). Marital Instability inthe Context of Dramatic Societal Change: The Case of Kyrgyzstan. Asian Population Studies, 14(3), 232-250.
  • Dommaraju, Premchand. (2016). Divorce and Separation in India. Population and Development Review, 42(2), 195-223.
  • Dommaraju, Premchand.(2016). Perspectives on Old Age in India. In C. Z. Guilmoto and G. W. Jones(Ed), Contemporary Demographic Transformations in China, India and Indonesia(293-308). New York: Springer.
  • Dommaraju, Premchand. (2015). One-Person Households in India. Demographic Research, 32, 1239-1266.

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