Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Nordlund Paer Lennart

Visiting Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Prof Nordlund Paer Lennart

Pär Nordlund is structural biologist at Nanyang Technological University as well as at Karolinska Institute, Sweden. His research is focused on establishing structural and mechanistic insights into disease related proteins, with a particular emphasis on proteins in cancer, inflammation and infectious disease. Early work focused on ribonucleotide reductase and protein phosphatases, where the group has provided extensive mechanistic understanding. More recently the group has developed a “systems structural biology” strategy where entire pathways are studied using structural and biochemical methodology. This approach has been applied to lipid signaling, receptor signaling, nucleotide metabolism and innate immunity, and the group has solved the structures of more than 60 proteins in these pathways in the last 7 years. In addition to providing detailed mechanistic insights, a number of these structures are used by Pharma to drive the development of novel drugs.

The group has also developed expertise in membrane proteins and did in 2007 solve the first crystal structure of a human integral membrane protein (Martinez-Molina, Nature 2007). The group has a strong track record in developing protein science technologies, some which has been enabling for their systems structural biology approach and for their membrane protein projects.

In 2009 he established a laboratory at Nanyang Technological University, where the systems structural biology approach is being applied for herpes biology, lipid signaling and membrane transport processes. The group has also established a platform for fragment based ligand development in Singapore that allows for the rapid generation of high-quality chemical probes and experimental therapeutics, as well as a platform for high-throughput protein production (Headed by Dr. Tobias Cornvik). Both of these platforms are made available to academic research groups as well as industry.

Pär Nordlund is a members of the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institute and the Chemistry Class at the Swedish Academy of Science, as well as a Reviewing Editor at Science Magazine. He is the funder of the biotech companies Evitra Proteoma AB and Sprint Biosciences AB.
Current Projects
  • Generation of domain antibodies for therapeutic applications
  • MS-CETSA Experiments (1st Contract Research Agreement)
  • MS-CETSA Experiments (2nd Contract Research Agreement)
  • Target Engagement Using Cellular Thermal Shift Assay
Selected Publications
  • Lingyun Dai, Nayana Prabhu, Liang Ying Yu, Smaranda Bacanu, Anderson Daniel Ramos, Pär Nordlund. (2019). Horizontal Cell Biology: Monitoring Global Changes of Protein Interaction States with the Proteome-Wide Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA). Annual Review of Biochemistry, 88.
  • Wendi Sun, Lingyun Dai, Han Yu, Brenda Puspita, Tianyun Zhao, Feng Li, Justin L Tan, Yan Ting Lim, Ming Wei Chen, Radoslaw M Sobota, Daniel G Tenen, Nayana Prabhu, Pär Nordlund. (2019). Monitoring structural modulation of redox-sensitive proteins in cells with MS-CETSA. Redox biology, .
  • Dziekan JM, Yu H, Chen D, Dai L, Wirjanata G, Larsson A, Prabhu N, Sobota RM, Bozdech Z, Nordlund P. (2019). Identifying purine nucleoside phosphorylase as the target of quinine using cellular thermal shift assay.. Science Translational Medicine, 11(473).
  • Lim YT, Prabhu N, Dai L, Go KD, Chen D, Sreekumar L, Egeblad L, Eriksson S, Chen L, Veerappan S, Teo HL, Tan CSH, Lengqvist J, Larsson A, Sobota RM, Nordlund P. (2018). An efficient proteome-wide strategy for discovery and characterization of cellular nucleotide-protein interactions.. PLoS ONE, .
  • Lingyun Dai, Tianyun Zhao, Xavier Bisteau, Wendi Sun, Nayana Prabhu, Yan Ting Lim, Radoslaw M. Sobota, Philipp Kaldis, Pär Nordlund. (2018). Modulation of Protein-Interaction States through the Cell Cycle. Cell, 173(6), 1481-1494.

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