Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Peter Julian Nixon

Visiting Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Prof Peter Julian Nixon

• Visiting Research Fellow at DuPont Company, Delaware, USA, 1988-1991
• Royal Society University Research Fellow, Department of Biochemistry, Imperial College London, UK, 1992-1995
• Faculty appointment at Imperial College London, from 1995
• Professor of Biochemistry at Imperial College London, from 2005
• Visiting Professor at School of Biological sciences, NTU, Singapore from 2016
Research Interests
The newly established Cyanobacterial Synthetic Biology Lab at NTU (CyanoSynBio@NTU) is exploring the use of synthetic biology approaches to develop cyanobacteria as suitable platforms for the production of high-value products especially excretable carbon-based molecules. The advantage of cyanobacteria (as well as microalgae) is that they use solar energy to drive the process and at the same time capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We are currently working on several related projects, some in collaboration with other research groups at NTU:

1. Identification and characterization of novel Singaporean cyanobacterial strains (with Prof Stephan Schuster in SCELSE)
2. Development of novel genome editing tools (with Prof Peter Droege in SBS)
3. Rewiring of metabolism to promote the production of isoprenoid-derived molecules, sugars and fatty acids
4. Improving photosynthetic growth (with Prof Oliver Mueller-Cajar, SBS)
5. Improving resistance of cyanobacteria to bright light and extremes of temperature
Current Projects
  • Cyanobacterial Synthetic Biology

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