Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Peter David Steinberg

Visiting Professor, Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering

Prof Peter David Steinberg

Prof. Peter Steinberg has been a leader in marine chemical ecology for 25 years, working at the interface of chemistry and biology, and basic and applied science. He has some 130 international publications with over 4500 citations and an H-index of 38, and 8 patents. His research has included studies of the chemical mediation of; plant/herbivore interactions, larval settlement cues, biofilms and biofouling, eukaryote/bacterial interactions and marine diseases. He has been a Fulbright and Queen Elisabeth II Fellows. He has extensive scientific and academic leadership experience, including as Head of a major research School at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, CEO of a publicly listed biotechnology company, Director of the Sydney Institute of Marine Science, and Co-Director of the AEBC at NTU.
Research Interests
Marine chemical ecology
Marine diseases and climate change
The ecology of invertebrate larvae settlement
Bacterial biofilm biology and ecology
Microbial ecology
Kelp and seaweed ecology
Environmental biotechnology
Environmental bioengineering
Selected Publications
  • Tebben J, Guest JR, Sin TM, Steinberg PD, Harder T. (2014). Corals like it waxed: paraffin-based antifouling technology enhances coral spat survival. PLoS ONE, 9(1), e87545.

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