Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Wan Man Pun

Associate Chair (Research), School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Assoc Prof Wan Man Pun

Prof Wan is currently in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (Thermal & Fluids Division) since August 2009. Before joing this university, Prof Wan was an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in Kyungpook National University, South Korea. He received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, Master and Ph.D. degrees from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His research interests include aerosol sciences, building environmental quality and catalytic combustion. He has done significant research work his research areas and published over 40 top quality international conference and journal papers. He has been often invited as a reviewer for a number of premier conferences and journals, including Atmospheric Environment, Indoor Air, Building and Environment, etc. Prof Wan is a member of ASME and KSME.
Research Interests
Prof Wan's areas of expertise are aerosol sciences, building environmental quality and catalytic combustion. His current research works focus on transport of expiratory aerosols in indoor environments and infectious disease transmission, ultrafine particle dynamics, mass transfer and chemical kinetics in catalytic oxidation systems.
Current Projects
  • Advanced Development and Pilot Test of Model Predictive Control (MPC) System for Multi-zone Building Automation and Control (BAC) Applications
  • Chilled Ceiling Air-Conditioning System for Tropical Climates
  • Cool Singapore
  • Energy Modeling and Simulation of NTU Campus Buildings for Future Renovations in Singapore
  • Fundamental investigation of acoustic agglomeration of suspended particles
  • High Performance Cool Roof Coating for Green Buildings
  • Indoor air quality and cognitive performance
  • Innovative manufacturing processes for low cost flexible GaAs solar cells
  • Intelligent Building Automation and Analytics using Model-Predictive Control (MPC)
  • Investigation of Daytime Radiative Cooling in Tropical Climates
  • Investigation on the transport characteristic of expiratory aerosols and their relations with infectious disease transmission in indoor environment
  • Life Safety and Structural Fire Safety of Mega Underground Caverns in Singapore
  • MAE CAT8 EOM account
  • MAE research staff supported by school under SMC incentive Scheme
  • Pilot Trial of Model Predictive Control(MPC) System for Building Automation and Control (BAC) Application at Jurong Town Hall(JTH) with Nanyang Technological University,Singapore
  • Real-time virtual audits for demand-side management
  • Small Organic Compound (SOC) free water-based exterior coatings
  • Study of Cool Coating for Facade
  • Study of Cool Roof Materials for HDB Buildings
  • Test Bedding Research for Innovative Technologies in SkyLab
  • Testing of impact of cool surface coating on the air-conditioning energy consumption in air-conditioned building
  • Using Cool (High Albedo) Building Pavement Surfaces as a strategic measure for energy saving and reduction of heat island effect in Singapore
Selected Publications
  • You S and Wan MP. (2013). Mathematical Models for the van der Waals Force and Capillary Force between a Rough Particle and Surface. Langmuir, 29, 9104 - 9117.
  • Wan MP, Wu CL, Sze To GN, Chan TC, Chao CYH. (2011). Ultrafine particles, and PM2.5 generated from cooking in homes. Atmospheric Environment, 45(34), 6141 - 6148.
  • Wan MP, Hui KS, Chao CYH, Kwong CW. (2010). Catalytic combustion of methane with ozone using Pd-exchanged zeolite X: experimental investigation and kinetics model. Combustion Science and Technology, 182(10), 1429 — 1445.
  • Wan MP, Sze To GN, Chao CYH, Fang L, Melikov A. (2009). Modeling the fate of expiratory aerosols and the associated infection risk in an aircraft cabin environment. Aerosol Science & Technology, 43(4), 322-343.

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