Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Dr Madhavan Nallani

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr Madhavan Nallani

Madhavan Nallani obtained his bachelor in chemical engineering at the University of Madras, India. After one year of employment at Berger Paints Ltd., he pursued higher education, obtaining a masters degree in process engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg, Germany. His Ph.D. on employing membrane proteins and self-assembled polymer vesicles as nano-reactors was supervised by Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg at the Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, in collaboration with Prof. Wolfgang Meier, University of Basel, Switzerland. He joined the groups of Profs. Roeland. J. M. Nolte and Jan. C. M. van Hest at the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands to gain in-depth knowledge of block copolymer self-assemblies. He then moved to the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) in Singapore to work on self-assembled block copolymers as synthetic membranes for membrane proteins and currently leading a research team together with Prof. Eva-Kathrin Sinner. Currently, he holds an adjunct assistant professorship position at the School of Material Science and Engineering, NTU to work at the Center of Biomimetic Sensor Science.
Research Interests
We are interested in combining the proteins with polymeric self-assembled architectures. We aim to select the proteins either from nature or modified ones (e.g. by re-combinant ways or synthetic de-novo peptides). Block co-polymers as self-assembled architectures offer a unique possibility for the structural control of materials at the nano-scopic scale. Such control enables one to tune the properties for specific applications. We are exploring the above combination in applications such as sensing.
Current Projects
  • As simple as ABC: Amphiphilic Block Copolymer based model membranes for probing bacterial invasion
  • Development of model membrane system for the Stratum Corneum lipid bilayer and evaluation of the effect of skin care actives on model membrane systems with different characterization techniques
  • Understanding Self-Assembly Of Block Copolymers And Using Them For Mimicking Biological Process Such As Compartmentalization And Membrane Formation
Selected Publications

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