Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Miniatura Christian

Visiting Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Physics & Applied Physics

Prof Miniatura Christian

- Alumni ENS Cachan (France)
- PhD in Physics (University Paris 13, France) in 1990
- Research Associate at CNRS (1989)
- CNRS Young Researcher Award (aka CNRS Bronze Medal) in 1994 for the work on atomic interferometry
- French Habilitation in Physics (University of Nice, France) in 2001
- Research Director at CNRS (2005)
- Visiting Research Professor at CQT and Department of Physics (NUS) from July 2005 to January 2007
- Visiting Research Professor at CQT and Department of Physics (NUS) since July 2008
- Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies (NTU) since 2009
- Member of SFP and EPS, the French and European Physical Societies
- Life Member of Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS)
- Visiting Professor at PAP (SPMS, CoS, NTU) since January 2016
Research Interests
- Ultracold atoms, quantum gases, optical lattices
- Strongly correlated systems
- Bose-Hubbard and Fermi Hubbard systems, Mott-Superfluid and quantum phase transitions
- Artificial gauge fields
- Quantum transport, weak and strong localization of waves
- Mesoscopic physics and disordered systems
Current Projects
  • Dynamics of An Atomic Wave Packet in Non-Abelian Gauge Field for Thermal and Quantum Degenerated Atomic Gas

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