Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Majeed Khader

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences

Assoc Prof Majeed Khader

A pioneer forensic psychologist in Singapore, Dr A Majeed Khader is the Director or the Behavioral Sciences Program at the Home Team Academy and Assistant Director of the Police Psychological Services Division. He is Chief Psychologist of the Singapore Police Force and Senior Consultant Psychologist. He is also deputy commander of the negotiation unit. Majeed holds a Masters degree (with Distinction) in Forensic Psychology from Leicester University (U.K) and a PhD in Psychology, (specializing in crisis and personality) from Aberdeen University, Scotland.

Dr Majeed has overseen the development of psychological services in the areas of stress, counselling, resilience, personnel selection, leadership, crisis negotiations, profiling, and crisis psychology in law enforcement settings. For his work in the psychology of terrorism, he was awarded the National Day Public Administration Award (Bronze) in 2006 by the President.

Dr Majeed is presently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at NTU where he teaches forensic psychology.
He is a Registered Psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society, and a member of the BPS, APA and APS.
He is presently Asian Director for the Society of Police and Criminal Psychology (USA).
Research Interests
Dr Majeed's research interests include

Crisis Management & Crisis Psychology
Forensic and Criminal Psychology,
Leadership Psychology
Legal Psychology
Crime in Asia
Stress and Resilience
Selected Publications
  • Khader, M., Ang, J, Tan, E. and Chin, J.(2011). Interviewing Terrorists: Suggestions for investigative interviews. Criminal profiling: an introduction to behavioral evidence analysis(528-537.). San Diego: Academic Press.
  • Majeed Khader. (2010, May). Giving Police Psychology Away. Paper presented at Asian Conference of Criminal and Operations Psychology, Singapore.
  • Majeed Khader and Eunice Tan. (2009, October). On Line Radicalisation and new media. Paper presented at Society of Police and Criminal Psychology, Connecticut, USA.
  • Tong, E. M. W., Bishop, G. D., Enkelmann, H. C., Why, Y. P., Diong, S. M., Khader, M. et al. (2009). Appraisal Underpinnings of Affective Chronometry: The Role of Appraisals in Emotion Habituation. Journal of Personality, 77, 1103-1136.
  • Tong, E.M.W., Bishop, G.D., Enkelmann, H.C., Why, Y.P., Diong, S.M. Khader., M., Ang, J. (2007). Emotion and appraisal: A study using ecological momentary assessment. Emotion and Cognition, 21, 1361 – 1381.

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