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Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Chew Lock Yue

Associate Chair (Students), School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Associate Professor, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Division of Physics & Applied Physics

Assoc Prof Chew Lock Yue

Assoc Prof Chew is currently in the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences since 2005. He received his Bachelor degree with honors in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California in the U.S.A and Ph.D. degrees in Theoretical Physics from the National University of Singapore respectively. His research interests include nonlinear dynamics and chaos, and the physics of complex systems. Dr. Chew is a member of the American Physical Society.
Research Interests
Dr Chew research interest is to investigate and uncover the fundamental physical mechanisms and organization principles of complex systems. He explores and elucidates the underlying behaviour and dynamics of these systems through theoretical modelling based on statistical and nonlinear physics. His current research focus is on the topic of: quantum complexity; quantum chaos and entanglement; statistical physics of protein aggregation; critical phenomena in social and coupled social-ecological systems; complexity measure and characterization of complex systems.
Current Projects
  • A Self-Organizing Bus System for Loop Service based on Evolutionary and Adaptive Algorithms
  • A Tale of Two Deficits: Causality & Care in Medical AI
  • Co-Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Agent Systems
  • Co-Operation and Synchronization of Complex Physical Systems
  • Complexity Science Inspired Multi-agents Machine Learning Algorithms for Real-Time Scheduling in NTU Shuttle Bus System
  • Computational modelling of cell death dysregulation in ageing-related diseases
  • Detection and Enhancement of Weak Communication Signals by an Array of Multiply Coupled Stochastic Resonators
  • Developing a dynamical systems model of the habenula, a regulator of brain state
  • Investigation on multiple native conformational states in proteins and their transitions through a hybrid Monte-Carlo and molecular dynamics approach
  • Modeling the effects of social processes on demography and lifestyle diseases
  • Modelling Levels of Consciousness for Language Development in Infants
  • Setting Up and Testing of Cavity Ring-Down System in DSO
  • Simulation, Optimization and Building of an Optoelectronic System
  • Study on Measurement-Device-Independent QKD
Selected Publications
  • G. H. Hovsepyan, A. R. Shahinyan, L. Y. Chew and G. Yu. Kryuchkyan. (2016). Phase Locking and Quantum Statistics in a Parametrically Driven Nonlinear Resonator. Physical Review A, 93, 043856.
  • L. N. Zhao, J. Zheng, L. Y. Chew and Y. G. Mu. (2015). An investigation on the fundamental interactions between Abeta peptides and the AT-rich DNA. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part B: Condensed Matter, Materials, Surfaces, Interfaces & Biophysical, 119, 8247.
  • H. S. Sugiarto, N. N. Chung, C. H. Lai and L. Y. Chew. (2015). Socioecological regime shifts in the setting of complex social interactions. Physical Review E (Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics), 91, 062804.
  • Huynh H. N., Pradana A. and Chew L. Y. (2015). The Complexity of Sequences Generated by the Arc-Fractal System. PLoS ONE, 10(2), e0117365.
  • Joseph, Sijo K., Chew, Lock Yue, Sanjuan, Miguel A. F. (2014). Impact of quantum-classical correspondence on entanglement enhancement by single-mode squeezing. Physics Letters. Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics, 378(35), 2603.

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