Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Li Shuzhou

Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Assistant Chair (Graduate Studies and Lifelong Learning)

Assoc Prof Li Shuzhou

My Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry was awarded by Nankai University, Tianjin, China. Then, I received my Master degree in Chemistry from Beijing University, China. I obtained my PhD degree in physical chemistry in University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, where I studied the dynamics in condensed phase. Prior to Joining Nanyang Technological University, I worked on plasmonics as a postdoctoral fellow in Northwestern University.
Research Interests
I am interested in exploring optical properties of nanomaterials by theoretical and computational tools. Currently, my research will focus on three directions: (1) developing high sensitive substrates for surface-enhanced Raman scattering and fluorescence; (2) optical properties of metal-semiconductor nanostructures; and (3) assembly of metallic nanostructures.
Current Projects
  • Active plasmonic structures and their applications in biosensing
  • Atomic Layer Deposition of High-Entropy Alloy 2D and 3D Coatings for Multifunctional Applications
  • Controlling hot electrons via plasmon coupling to enhance catalytic reactions
  • Developing Nanoscale Laser for Imaging and Sensing
  • Functional 0D Graphene Nanosheets as Highly Efficient and Recycable Catalysts
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of drug release from stimuli-responsive dendrimersomes
  • Optical Properties of Metallic Aggregations in Array Structures
  • Predictive Screening of Cation-substituted photoelectrodes for water splitting
  • Quantify Polyhedral Nanoparticle Orientation at Fluid/Fluid Interfaces through Artificial Intelligence
  • Screening Semiconductive Polymer/Graphene Composite with Ultrahigh Carrier Mobility
  • Sustainable Catalysis and Chemical Synthesis
  • Tunable Superlattice of Nonspherical Metallic Nanoparticles at Water/ Oil Interfaces
Selected Publications
  • Jiang, L.; Tang, Y. X.; Liow, C.; Wu, J. S.; Sun, Y. H.; Jiang, Y. Y.; Dong, Z. L.; Li, S. Z.; Dravid, V. P.; Chen, X. D. (2013). Synthesis of Fivefold Stellate Polyhedral Gold Nanoparticles with {110}-Facets via a Seed-Mediated Growth Method. Small, 9, 705–710.
  • Lin Jiang, Yinghui Sun, Fengwei Huo, Hua Zhang, Lidong Qin, Shuzhou Li, Xiaodong Chen. (2012). Free-standing one-dimensional plasmonic nanostructures. Nanoscale, 4, 66-75.
  • Liusman C., Li SZ., Chen XD., Wei W., Zhang H., Schatz GC., Boey F., Mirkin CA. (2010). Free-Standing Bimetallic Nanorings and Nanoring Arrays Made by On-Wire Lithography. ACS Nano, 4(12), 7676-7682.
  • Wang Y., Chen G., Yang MX., Silber G., Xing SX., Tan LH., Wang F., Feng YH., Liu XG., Li SZ., Chen HY. (2010). A systems approach towards the stoichiometry-controlled hetero-assembly of nanoparticles. Nature Communications, 1(87), DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1089.
  • Banholzer MJ., Osberg KD., Li SZ., Mangelson BF., Schatz GC., Mirkin CA. (2010). Silver-Based Nanodisk Codes. ACS Nano, 4(9), 5446-5452.

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