Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Li Shuzhou

Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Assistant Chair (Graduate Studies and Lifelong Learning), School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Assoc Prof Li Shuzhou

My Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry was awarded by Nankai University, Tianjin, China. Then, I received my Master degree in Chemistry from Beijing University, China. I obtained my PhD degree in physical chemistry in University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, where I studied the dynamics in condensed phase. Prior to Joining Nanyang Technological University, I worked on plasmonics as a postdoctoral fellow in Northwestern University.
Research Interests
I am interested in exploring optical properties of nanomaterials by theoretical and computational tools. Currently, my research will focus on three directions: (1) developing high sensitive substrates for surface-enhanced Raman scattering and fluorescence; (2) optical properties of metal-semiconductor nanostructures; and (3) assembly of metallic nanostructures.
Current Projects
  • Active plasmonic structures and their applications in biosensing
  • Atomic Layer Deposition of High-Entropy Alloy 2D and 3D Coatings for Multifunctional Applications
  • Controlling hot electrons via plasmon coupling to enhance catalytic reactions
  • Developing Nanoscale Laser for Imaging and Sensing
  • Functional 0D Graphene Nanosheets as Highly Efficient and Recycable Catalysts
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of drug release from stimuli-responsive dendrimersomes
  • Optical Properties of Metallic Aggregations in Array Structures
  • Predictive Screening of Cation-substituted photoelectrodes for water splitting
  • Quantify Polyhedral Nanoparticle Orientation at Fluid/Fluid Interfaces through Artificial Intelligence
  • Screening Semiconductive Polymer/Graphene Composite with Ultrahigh Carrier Mobility
  • Sustainable Catalysis and Chemical Synthesis
  • Tunable Superlattice of Nonspherical Metallic Nanoparticles at Water/ Oil Interfaces
Selected Publications
  • Jiang, L.; Tang, Y. X.; Liow, C.; Wu, J. S.; Sun, Y. H.; Jiang, Y. Y.; Dong, Z. L.; Li, S. Z.; Dravid, V. P.; Chen, X. D. (2013). Synthesis of Fivefold Stellate Polyhedral Gold Nanoparticles with {110}-Facets via a Seed-Mediated Growth Method. Small, 9, 705–710.
  • Lin Jiang, Yinghui Sun, Fengwei Huo, Hua Zhang, Lidong Qin, Shuzhou Li, Xiaodong Chen. (2012). Free-standing one-dimensional plasmonic nanostructures. Nanoscale, 4, 66-75.
  • Liusman C., Li SZ., Chen XD., Wei W., Zhang H., Schatz GC., Boey F., Mirkin CA. (2010). Free-Standing Bimetallic Nanorings and Nanoring Arrays Made by On-Wire Lithography. ACS Nano, 4(12), 7676-7682.
  • Wang Y., Chen G., Yang MX., Silber G., Xing SX., Tan LH., Wang F., Feng YH., Liu XG., Li SZ., Chen HY. (2010). A systems approach towards the stoichiometry-controlled hetero-assembly of nanoparticles. Nature Communications, 1(87), DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1089.
  • Banholzer MJ., Osberg KD., Li SZ., Mangelson BF., Schatz GC., Mirkin CA. (2010). Silver-Based Nanodisk Codes. ACS Nano, 4(9), 5446-5452.

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