Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Dr Koh Teck Seng

Lecturer, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Director, Odyssey Leaders in Science Programme, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Dr Koh Teck Seng

BSc (Hons) Physics, National University of Singapore (1998)
PGDE (Education), NIE, Nanyang Technological University (1999)
PhD Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2012)
Research Interests
(1) Quantum information and quantum computation theory:

- Quantum Information Processing Devices and the Quantum Internet

A vision of the Quantum Internet where quantum information sent between "plugged-in" quantum computers and remote clients carried by optical fibres, require new technologies for it to work. Such long range quantum communications are affected by loss and decoherence. In the classical internet, this is overcome by classical repeaters. In the quantum internet, a quantum repeater has to work in a fundamentally different way from the classical repeater since signals cannot be replicated due to the no-cloning theorem. I study theoretical schemes for entanglement-based quantum repeaters, and entanglement distribution. I also study quantum dot spin qubit systems, in the context of Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) information processing devices. I am interested in the theory of quantum noise spectroscopy, effects of noise on the fidelity of qubit operations, and mitigation strategies.

(2) Science, Technology and Society:
- Trust, Security and Ethics with Quantum Technologies

Today, quantum cryptography in the form of quantum key distribution is routinely done. It promises unconditional security and privacy in communication, based on quantum-mechanical foundations. But, will unconditionally secure quantum communication be a hideout for criminals? Will privacy be the privilege of the haves in society? How will trust or the kind of trust in society change? Together with Dr Christina Chuang (School of Humanities) and Assoc Prof Chew Lock Yue (SPMS), we study the ethical and social implications arising from these and related questions of quantum technology.

I am looking for motivated students who have basic quantum mechanics (PH2101 is a must; PH3404 is an advantage) who are interested to work on projects involving the first topic (1) Quantum Information Processing Devices and the Quantum Internet.

We are also looking for students with interdisciplinary interests to work on projects involving (2) Trust, Security and Ethics with Quantum Technologies. The projects may range from physics to philosophy and ethics to computational sociology.

* Physics undergraduate students looking to do an FYP with me: please contact me before the end of Year 3 Semester 2, so that we can work on a paid internship under the Odyssey research program over the special term that can lead into the FYP for Year 4.

* I welcome undergraduate students from any discipline looking to do a URECA project with me.
Students currently working with me:
1. Mr Jeremy Lian (FYP Student: Computational Thinking in Physics)
2. Mr Woo Ying Zheng (FYP Student: Tunneling Noise in Quantum Dot Spin Qubits)
3. Mr Zaw Lin Htoo (FYP Student: Randomized Benchmarking)
4. Mr Radha Krishnan (PhD Student: Cotunneling Spectroscopy in Double Quantum Dots ; co-supervised with Asst Prof Bent Weber)
Current Projects
  • Enhancing STEM Education through Improvisational Tinkering and Computational Thinking: A Professional Development Package for Singapore Teachers
  • From Https to HttpQ: Envisioning Ethics, Security and Trust in a World with Quantum Computers. (Q is for Quantum)
  • Quantum Control and Decoherence of Silicon Quantum Dot Spin Qubits
Selected Publications
  • MengKe Feng, Chang Jian Kwong, Teck Seng Koh, Leong Chuan Kwek. (2018). Coherent transfer of singlet-triplet qubit states in an architecture of triple quantum dots. Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), 97(24), 245428.
  • Dohun Kim, Z.Shi, C.B.Simmons, D.R.Ward, J.R.Prance, T.S.Koh, J.K.Gamble, D.E.Savage, M.G.Lagally, Mark Friesen, S.N.Coppersmith, and Mark A. Eriksson. (2014). Quantum control and process tomography of a semiconductor quantum dot hybrid qubit. Nature, 511, 70.
  • T.S.Koh, S.N.Coppersmith, and Mark Friesen. (2013). High fidelity gates in quantum dot spin qubits. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 110(49), 19695.
  • T.S.Koh, J.K.Gamble, M.A.Eriksson, Mark Friesen, and S.N.Coppersmith. (2012). Pulse-gated quantum dot hybrid qubit. Physical Review Letters, 109(25), 250503.
  • T.S.Koh, C.B.Simmons, M.A.Eriksson, S.N.Coppersmith, and Mark Friesen. (2011). Unconventional transport in the hole regime of a Si double quantum dot. Physical Review Letters, 106(18), 186801.

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