Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Khoo Khoong Ming

Adjunct Associate Professor

Assoc Prof Khoo Khoong Ming

I did my PhD at the University of Waterloo from 2000-2003, Center for Applied Cryptographic Research (CACR) under the supervision of Prof. Guang Gong and Prof. Douglas Stinson.

Since then, I have been working at DSO National Laboratories in Singapore. Currently, I am a principal member of technical staff at DSO National Laboratories and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at NTU.
Research Interests
My interest is on applications of Mathematics to Cryptography. My current focus is on Symmetric Cryptography, specifically: Cryptographic Boolean Functions, Stream Ciphers and Block Ciphers.
Current Projects
  • Physical Analysis & Cryptographic Engineering (PACE)
  • Project HYPERVENOM - Design and Analysis of Authenticated Encryption Ciphers
  • Project HYPERVENOM - Homomorphic Encryption and Blom-Like Key Pre-Distribution Scheme
Selected Publications
  • Axel Poschmann, Amir Moradi, Khoongming Khoo, Chu-Wee Lim, Huaxiong Wang and San Ling. (2011). Side-Channel Resistant Crypto for less than 2,300 GE. Journal of Cryptology, 34(2), 322-345.
  • Khoongming Khoo, Guanhan Chew, Guang Gong and Hian-Kiat Lee. (2009). Time-Memory-Data Trade-Off Attack on Stream Ciphers based on Maiorana-McFarland Functions. IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics Communications and Computer Sciences, E92-A(1), 11-21.
  • K. Khoo, C.W. Lim, G. Gong. (2008). Highly Nonlinear Balanced Sboxes with Improved Bound on Unrestricted and Generalized Nonlinearity. Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing, 19(4), 323-338.
  • C. Carlet, K. Khoo, C.W. Lim, C.W. Loe. (2008). On an Improved Correlation Analysis of Stream Ciphers Using Muti-Output Boolean Functions and the Related Generalized Notion of Nonlinearity. Advances in Mathematics of Communications, 2(2), 201-221.
  • K. Khoo, G. Gong. (2007). New Constructions for Balanced Boolean Functions with Very High Nonlinearity. IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics Communications and Computer Sciences, E90-A(1), 29-35.

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