Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Loh Kok Hua

Adjunct Associate Professor

Assoc Prof Loh Kok Hua

Dr Loh is currently in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering since 2007. He received his Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering (first class honours) from the University of Manchester,UK, Master and Ph.D. degrees in Operations Research from Naval Post Graduate School and the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, respectively. His research interests include bin packing Problem, network optimization problem and heuristic search. He has recently published academic papers in Computers and Operations Research, and INFORMS Computing Society conference paper. Dr Loh is a member of INFORMS Society. He is Chief Ops Analyst at the DSO National Laboratories.
Research Interests
Bin Packing Problem
Knapsack Problem
Heuristic Search
Network Optimization
Military Operations Research

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