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Academic Profile

Prof Kingsley Bolton

Professor, School of Humanities

Prof Kingsley Bolton

Professor Kingsley Bolton joined Nanyang Technological University in February 2013, having previously taught at The University of Hong Kong, Stockholm University, and City University of Hong Kong, where he served as Chair Professor of English from 2009-13. His research interests include English language and literature worldwide, language and globalisation, multilingualism, sociolinguistics, and world Englishes. Much of his research has been on language issues in the Asian region, and he has published widely on English in Hong Kong and mainland China. He is the founding editor of the Hong Kong University Press book series, Asian Englishes Today, co-editor of the Wiley-Blackwell journal World Englishes, and an editorial board member of the journals Educational Studies, English Today, English World-Wide. From 2003 to 2004, he served as elected President of the International Association for World Englishes (IAWE). His monograph on the history of English in Hong Kong and China, Chinese Englishes: A Sociolinguistic History (2003, Cambridge University Press) was recently translated into Chinese. Professor Bolton is now interested in supervising PhD students working in topics concerned with Asian Englishes, English in China, English in higher education, language and media, the sociolinguistics of globalization, world Englishes, and other related topics.
Research Interests
Professor Bolton's research interests include English in Asia, English in higher education, language and media, the sociolinguistics of globalization, world Englishes, and other related topics. His publications include fifteen books (edited and authored), five journal special issues, and seventy journal articles and book chapters. He is Co-editor of the influential SSCI-indexed journal World Englishes (Wiley-Blackwell), founding editor of the book series Asian Englishes Today (Hong Kong University Press), and The History and Development of World Englishes (Routledge). He is also a member of the editorial board of Applied Linguistics Review, Educational Studies, English Today, English World-Wide, and the international book series Multilingual Education (Springer). He has an active and continuing publication agenda, much of which focuses on English in the Asian region and worldwide.

A number of Professors Bolton's publications can be found here,
Current Projects
  • An Investigation into the English-language Communication Skills of University Students in Singapore
  • English in ASEAN universities
  • Investigating the multilingual worlds of university students in Singapore and South Africa: A comparative study
  • Project Title A: A curriculum renewal project: Assessment of Science Students Communication Needs at NTU Project Title B: Assessment of Communication Needs of Students in the College of Engineering
  • The English language, developmental issues, and the revitalization of higher education in Myanmar
  • The Use of English as a Medium of Instruction in South Korean Universities
  • The sociolinguistics of English in the Asian region
  • The status and functions of English as an academic language in Indonesian higher education
Selected Publications
  • Bolton, K., Botha, W., & Kirkpatrick, A. (2019). The handbook of Asian Englishes. Wiley.
  • Bolton, K. (2019). Braj B. Kachru and Asian Englishes. World Englishes, 38(1-2).
  • Bolton, K., & De Costa, P. I. (Ed.). (2018). World Englishes and Second Language AcquisitionUnited Kingdom: Wiley.
  • Bolton, K., & Davis, D. (2017). Brexit and the future of English in Europe. World Englishes, 36(3), 302-312.
  • Bolton, K., & Botha, W. (2017). English medium instruction in Singapore higher education: Policy, realities and challenges. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 38(10), 913-930.

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