Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Qu Jingyi

Associate Professor, School of Humanities

Assoc Prof Qu Jingyi

Dr Qu is currently an Associate Professor of Chinese at NTU Singapore and International Advisory Committee Member of Chinese Heritage Centre, Singapore. He is also Visiting Professor at Tongji University (Shanghai). He obtained Ph.D. at Peking University joint with University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was the recipient of Nanyang Education Award. He was awarded to be an Honorary Fellow at University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Fulbright Researcher at Harvard University. He was Visiting Research Fellow at Anhui Normal University and Visiting Scholar at SOAS University of London.
He procured many scholarships and grants, such as Singapore MOE AcRF Tier 1, Heritage Research Grant (National Heritage Board in Singapore), Fulbright Scholarship (U.S.A), Nanyang Education Award (NTU), China Government Scholarship, Peking University PhD Fellowship, May Fouth Award (PKU), and Huangzang Award (Taiwan). Besides, as Co-PIs, he was involved four projects from National Social Science Fund of China (two of them are major projects).
He was invited by National Taiwan University, National University of Singapore, SOAS University of London, University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Houston, Fudan University, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Guangxi Normal University, and Shanghai International Studies University to give keynote speeches and academic talks.
Past research work, he has produced tangible results in Chinese and English in the form of 4 scholarly books and more than 70 articles in P. R. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Spain, Malaysia and Singapore. You may find more info by the link:
Research Interests
Ancient Chinese Literature and History with focus on the Han, Wei, Six Dynasties & Tang periods, Chinese Literary Historiography in the West and Cultural Heritage of Chinese Education in Singapore
Current Projects
  • Elegance beyond Eroticism: Representation of Women in Tang Flowery Poetry
  • Examination of Histories and Anthologies of Chinese Literature in the United States
  • Heritage Values of Chinese Schools as Cultural Spaces
  • Significance of Tang Dashoubi Prose Writers in Chinese Literacy History: Focusing on their Practical Prose and their effects on the Tang Literacy World
Selected Publications
  • Qu Jingyi. (2018). Challenges in Translating Chinese Classics into English: Example of Biography of Huan Tan and Feng Yan in Book of the Later Han. Sinologia Hispanica: China Studies Review, 7(2), 115-132.
  • Qu Jingyi. (2018). Collective Memory and the Construction of School Identity: Case Study of Anglican High School. Huaren Yanjiu Guoji Xuebao 华人研究国际学报 (International Journal of Diasporic Chinese Studies) , 10(2), 81-96.
  • Qu Jingyi.(2018). Curse, Death and Feat: Reading of Memoir of Meng Tian in Shi Ji. Study on Shi Ji Vol. 15(296-304). Beijing: Chinese Literature and History Press.
  • QU Jing-yi & Wong Chee Meng. (2018). Historical Trajectories and Lost Heritage of Early Chinese Schools in Singapore – Case Study of Yeung Ching School in ‘Chinatown’. Asian Ethnicity, , 1-19.
  • QU Jingyi & LIN Yi-Ching. (2018). Chronological History of Tang and Five Dynasties’ Prose: High Tang. Huangshan Publishing House.

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