Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Ang Chong Han Jansen

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Asst Prof Ang Chong Han Jansen

Serving as a Police Psychologist since 1995, i have been involved in the development of psychological services to support Police Officers, operations and organisation excellence. These includes but is not limited to the development of selection systems, organisational climate surveys, counselling services, developing peer counsellors, crisis intervention and management work, leadership assessment and development, crisis negotiation and operations, investigations training and consultation, criminal behaviour research.

My professional and official appointments include:
- Head, Operations and Forensic Psychology Branch, Police Psychological Services Division
- Head, Police CARE Management System, Police Psychological Services Division
- Assistant Director, Behavioural Sciences Unit, Home Team Academy
- Chief Psychologist, Crisis Negotiation Unit
Research Interests
- Resilience in law enforcement work
- Offender behaviour research
- Operations Psychology research
- Leadership assessment & development research
- Psychology of terrorism research
- Detection of deception research
- Crisis negotiation research
Selected Publications
  • Khader, M. et al. (2013). Leadership competencies and leadership training in the Singapore Police Force. International Police Training Journal, 5, 15-18.
  • Stephanie Chan, Majeed Khader, Jansen Ang, Eunice Tan, Katharine Khoo, and Jeffery Chin. (2012). Understanding ‘happy slapping’. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 14(1), 42-57.
  • Majeed Khader, Jansen Ang, Diong Siew Maan, Poh Li Li, Toh Shi Min, Jayagowry A., Carolyn Misir, Ho Hui Fen. (2012). Police Psychology in Singapore: The Red Dot experience. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 27(1), 24-32.
  • Jansen Ang, Siew Maan Diong, Carolyn Misir, Jeanice Cheong. (2011). Operations Psychology: The Singapore Police Experience. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 26(2), 69-76.
  • Turvey, B. E., Khader, M., Ang, J., Tan, E., et al.(2011). Introduction to terrorism: Understanding and interviewing terrorists. Criminal profiling: An introduction to behavioural evidence analysis(569-583). Oxford, United Kingdom: Academic Press, Elsevier.

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