Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Low Chor Ping

Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Assoc Prof Low Chor Ping

Dr. Low Chor Ping received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1994. From 1995 through 1996, he was a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Open University Degree Programme (Singapore). He joined the Nanyang Technological University in 1996, where he is now an Associate Professor. Dr Low held the concurrent appointment of Programme Director of the Graduate Diploma Programme in Information Communication Technology from 2002 to 2005. He was the Head of the Division of the Information Communication Institute of Singapore (ICIS) from 1 July 2005 to 31 August 2008. His current research is directed towards combinatorial optimization issues that arise in communication networks with particular emphasis in the following areas: Resilience and survivability issues in wireless networks, Routing in multi-hop, ad hoc and sensor networks, and Wireless network topology adaptive control. To date he has published over 80 technical papers, some of which have appeared in the IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Transactions of Parallel & Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Communications Letters and Information Processing Letters. Dr Low is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Communication Systems and a Senior member of the IEEE.
Research Interests
Combinatorial Optimization, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Network Performance Modeling & Analysis, Algorithmic Graph Theory.
Selected Publications
  • Wang Ting and C P Low. (2011). To Detect the Distribution of Non-Uniform Random Waypoints Using the Inter-Arrival Time. IEEE Communications Letters, .
  • Wang Ting and C P Low. (2011). Message Cab (MCab): Partition Restoration in MANETs using Flexible Helping Hosts. Wireless Sensor Networks, .
  • Gang Chen, Sarrafzadeh A, C P Low and Zhang L. (2010). A self-organization mechanism based on cross-entropy method for P2P-like applications. ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, 5(4).
  • Ting Wang and C P Low. (2010). Determine the Inter-Arrival Time in the Non-Uniform Random Waypoint Mobility Model. IEEE Wireless Days (WD'10).
  • Wang Ting and C P Low. (2010). A Fully Distributed Node Allocation Scheme with Partition Protection for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks. Computer Communications, .

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