Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Kantisara Pita

Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Assoc Prof Kantisara Pita

Prof K. Pita is currently in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering since November 1999. He received his Bachelor degree in Physics, Master and Ph.D. degrees from Imperial College of Sci., Tech. and Med., London. His research interests include novel oxide based films, nanoparticles, waveguide based devices, light emitting devices and solar cells. He has done significant research work in his research areas and published 50 international journal papers (23 are in tier 1 journals, such as Applied Physics Letters, Optics Express, Journal of Applied Physics etc.) and 22 conferences. He has been often invited as a reviewer for a number of journal and conferences, including Optics Express, J Opt Soc Am B, etc. He received PSB Star Award (Innovation) in 1998 for his contribution to the Industrial Implementation of An Ion-Assisted Deposition Process. Dr. K. Pita is a Member of Institute of Physics and granted the title of Chartered Physicist (UK). He is listed in the Who’ Who in the World and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.
Research Interests
Prof K. Pita's areas of expertise are synthesis and fabrication of novel oxide based films and nanoparticles for photonics applications such as light emitting based devices, waveguide based devices and solar cells. His current research works focus on novel oxide based films/nanoparticles materials system for light emitting based devices, solar cells and waveguide based devices.
Current Projects
  • In-Country Fibre Capability Buildup
Selected Publications
  • Samson TH Silalahi, HY Yang, K. Pita, Yu Mingbin. (2009). Rapid Thermal Annealing of Sputtered Silicon-rich Oxide/SiO2 Superlattice Structure. Electrochemical And Solid State Letters, 12, K29-K32.
  • Charles K.F Ho, Rajni, H.S Djie, K. Pita , N. Q. Ngo, T.Osipowicz. (2007). Optical and physical properties of sol-gel derived GeO2:SiO2 photonic applications. Applied Optics, 46(20), 4397-4406.
  • Charles K. F. Ho , K. Pita , N. Q. Ngo , C. H. Kam. (2005). Optical functions of (x)GeO2:(1-x)SiO2 films determined by multi-sample and multi-angle spectroscopic ellipsometry. Optics Express, 13(3), 1049-1054.
  • Chong MK, Pita K, Kam CH. (2004). Photoluminescence of sol-gel derived Y2O3:Eu3+ thin-film phosphors with Mg2+ and Al3+ co-doping. Applied Physics A, 79(3), 433-437.

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