Academic Profile

Academic Profile


Professor Choo graduated from the University of Leeds and The University of Manchester (UMIST), UK. He worked in the drives and automation industries in UK in the early 80s before joining NTI in 1984.

He is currently an Associate Professor in the Division of Power Engineering, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, College of Engineering, NTU.

He is the Principal Investigator of the NRF-CRP project entitled:

Combined-cycle Solar Energy Self-sustaining Membrane Distillation (MD) and Membrane Distillation Bioreactor (MDBR) Water Production and Recycling System

He manages the Water and Energy Research Lab which conducts research on solar energy harnessing for water processing, micro-grid and intelligent metering systems.

He has published numerous papers in control, power electronics, electrical drives and robotics. He has acted as consultants to numerous local companies and MNCs in energy and electrical systems issues. He is Chartered Engineer and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).
Current Projects
  • Adaptive Integrated Hybrid DC-AC Micro Power Parks System
  • Data Repository and Economic Modelling of REIDS Microgrids using METRON's Smart Energy Management System
  • Demonstrator for resilient, interoperable and cost effective micro grid for South East Asia
  • Expanding the Capabilities of IDSUD-NHEOBOX Modular Portable Microgrids for Tropical Off-Grid Communities
  • LNG Power Generation From Gas Turbine and Stirling Engine
  • Medium Voltage Converter
  • Membrane-based Absorption Air Conditioning and Dehumidification System using Renewable Energy or Waste Head
  • Mitigation of Haze Effect on Gas Turbine Performance
  • Portable Solar Energy for Seawater Desalination using Membrane Distillation Technology
  • REIDS Supply of Electricity by NTU to NEA for Semakau Landfill Operations
  • Rolls-Royce Experimental Demonstrator at REIDS
  • SPORE - Schneider Electric
  • Smart Grid and Power Electronics Consortium Singapore (SPECS)
  • Smart Multi-Energy System
  • Testing of Energy trading platform ONDER and intelligent Energy Management System AMIGO

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