Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Gan Chee Lip

Associate Provost (Undergraduate Education)
Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Director, CSA-NTU Joint Center (CNJC)
Executive Director, Office of Research and Technology in Defence and Security (ORTDS)

Prof Gan Chee Lip

A/Prof Gan Chee Lip is currently in the School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) since 2003. He received his B.Eng (Electrical) from the National University of Singapore in 1999 and PhD in Advanced Materials for Micro- and Nano-Systems under the Singapore-MIT Alliance Program in 2003. Dr Gan’s current research interests include the reliability study of advanced interconnect systems, process integration and reliability of 3D interconnects, and fabrication of metallic nanowires interconnects. He has done significant research work and has published over 40 top quality international conference and journal papers. He was awarded the Best Paper in Reliability at the International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits in 2002 and 2008, and the Silver Award at the 2003 MRS Spring Meeting Graduate Student Award. He was the Assistant Chair (Alumni & Grduates) of MSE from 2006-2008, and is current a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a faculty fellow of the Singapore-MIT Alliance program, and a faculty associate of the Institute of Microelectronics. Dr. Gan is also an executive member of IEEE Singapore Reliability/ED/CPMT chapter and a MRS member.
Research Interests
A/Prof Gan's research area is on microelectronics interconnect systems, spanning from reliability of conventional Cu/low-k interconnects, to three-dimensional (3D) interconnects and nanowires interconnects. Dr Gan's current research interests include the reliability study of advanced interconnect systems, such as copper electromigration, time-dependent-dielectric-breakdown of low-k dielectrics and new assessment methodology for circuit level reliability projection. Another area of research is on the process integration and reliability of 3D interconnects through copper-copper wafer bonding. Fabrication of metallic nanowires by a template method as interconnects is also being investigated. Work is carried out to characterize the morphology and electrical properties of the nanowires to assess its suitability for actual applications.
Current Projects
  • 3D Printing of Transparent Ceramics by Stereolithography Method Assisted with Hot Isostatic Press Process
  • ASIC FA Phase 2
  • ASIC FA Phase 2A
  • ASIC Failure Analysis
  • ASIC Failure Analysis Phase II
  • Admission year: Jan 2013
  • Admission year: Jan 2014
  • Advanced Functional Materials Programme
  • Application Development of NanoCu Technology
  • Assessing Effectiveness of Team-Based Learning
  • Core Team in Temasek Laboratories at NTU
  • Core Team in Temasek Laboratories@NTU
  • Cu-based Nano Paste for High Reliable Bonding Applications
  • Development of Team-Based Learning for Engineering Courses
  • Development of high reliability multi-chip module (MCM) with TSV
  • Development of wafer level hermetically sealed and vacuum sealed MEMS package
  • Enhancing team-based-learning experience through e-materials and technology platform development
  • Evaluation of Laser Techniques of Single Event Effects (SEE) for Radiation Environment
  • Hardware Assurance Phase II
  • Investigation on Defect Localization Techniques for Three-Dimensional
  • Laser induced radiation effects in microelectronic devices
  • Low Temperature And Pressureless Nano Copper bonding For LED Die Attachment
  • Metallic Nanoparticles Enabled Low Temperature Processes for Interconnections in Flexible Electronics and 3D Electronics Packaging
  • Nanostructured Copper Inks for Flexible Electrode Applications
  • Neurodevice program: High-throughput microassembly & packaging
  • Project Fabrication of SiC Ceramics by Stereolithography-based 3D Printing and Carbonthermal Conversion of Silica/ Acrylate Compisite Pastes (Phase 1)
  • Project Hardware Assurance
  • Project MEISSEN
  • Project MEISSEN
  • Project Meissen II
  • Project On Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) Failure Analysis Phase IIA
  • Rare Earth Materials For Sub-45nm Nanoelectronics Devices - Nanowires for Off-Chip Interconnects
  • Rare-earth materials for sub-45nm nano-electronic devices
  • Reliability Study of Copper Interconnects with Alternating Current and Pulsed Current
  • Reliability Study of III-V/Si Semiconductor based Devices
  • Reliability and Failure Analysis of Compound Semiconductor devices integrated with Si-CMOS
  • Reliability study of AlGaN/GaN on Si based devices
  • Reliability study of III-V/Si semiconductor based devices
  • Remuneration package for the Temasek Research Fellows
  • Research Support Services by TL@NTU
  • SMA Graduate Fellowship Research Supplement
  • Semiconductor Nanoarray for a Novel Gas Sensor
  • Study of Process Responses, Intermetallics and Reliability of Palladium-Copper Wire Bonding
  • Sub Project 4 - Tamper Resistant Materials for IC Packaging
  • Sub-Project 6 - Electro-Optic Ferroelectric Materials for Laser Applications
  • TL@NTU And EEE Co-Funding of Singaporean PhD Student Research Projects
  • TL@NTU Innovation Grant (May) 2019
  • TL@NTU Technology Assessment And Seed Research Programme
  • TL@NTU-EEE Project Management Account
  • Tamper Resistant Materials for IC Packaging
  • Technology Assessment and Seed Research Programme
  • The Management and Maintenance of the Microelectronics Failure Analysis Lab GOCO Facility
  • Ultra-thin Bulk Silicon Thinning of Advanced Microprocessors & Graphics Processors Fabricated in Sub-20 nm Technology
  • [CSA/NICE] Funding for National Integrated Center for Evaluation (NICE) in NTU
  • [NRF/NCR/CFACore] Cyber Forensics & Assurance Core R&D Programme
  • [NRF/NCR/CFAGrant1] Cyber Forensics & Assurance Grant Call - Research & Development
  • [NRF/NCR/CFAGrant2] Cyber Forensics & Assurance Grant Call - Translation
  • [NRF/NCR/CFAMgt] Cyber Forensics & Assurance Project Management
Selected Publications
  • Leong HL, Gan CL, Made RI, Thompson CV, Pey KL, Li HY. (2009). Experimental characterization and modeling of the contact resistance of Cu-Cu bonded interconnects. Journal of Applied Physics, 105(3), Article Number: 033514.
  • Leong HL, Gan CL, Thompson CV, Pey KL, Li HY. (2009). Electromigration-induced bond improvement for three-dimensional integrated circuits. Applied Physics Letters, 94(8), Article Number: 081901.
  • M.K. Lim, C.L. Gan, T.L. Tan, Y.C. Ee, C.M. Ng, B.C. Zhang, and J.B. Tan. (2008). Effects of Pulsed Current on Electromigration Lifetime. (pp. 72-77).
  • Tan TL, Gan CL, Du AY, Tan YC, Ng CM. (2008). Delamination-induced dielectric breakdown in Cu/low-k interconnects. Journal of Materials Research, 23, 1802-1808.
  • Tan TL, Gan CL , Du AY, Cheng CK, Gambino JP. (2008). Dielectric degradation mechanism for copper interconnects capped with CoWP. Applied Physics Letters, 92, Article Number: 201916.

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