Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Dr Chen Liandong

Lecturer, School of Humanities

Phone: +65 65137637
Office: HSS 02 30
Dr Chen Liandong

•Japanese language grammar
•Pragmatics focus particles in Japanese language
Research Interests
Japanese Grammar, morphology and syntax in Japanese language and teaching Japanese language as a second language.
Selected Publications
  • 陈连冬. (2019). 「なんて」在语法化方面对「なんか」的影响. Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies, 13(13), pp.60-pp.72.
  • Chen Liandong.(2016). Cong Nante Dao Nanka (From Nante to Nanka). Language and Literature Research on Chinese and Japanese(296). China: Xue Yuan Publisher.
  • Chen Liandong. (2016, November). The meaning of the changes in NANTE. Paper presented at 台灣日語教育學會2016 年國際學術研討 術研討 會2016, SooChow University, Taiwan.
  • Chen Liandong. (2016). the Grammaticalization of Pragmatic Focus Particles originated in NANI=what in Japanese language. Journal of Japanese Language Study and Research, 185(2016(4)), 46-58.
  • Chen Liandong/Hao Caihong. (2016). Research of Pragmatic Focus Particles in Japanese Language. World Publisher, China.

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