Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Dr Chen Liandong

Lecturer, School of Humanities

Dr Chen Liandong

•Japanese language grammar
•Pragmatics focus particles in Japanese language
Research Interests
Japanese Grammar, morphology and syntax in Japanese language and teaching Japanese language as a second language.
Selected Publications
  • 陈连冬. (2019). 「なんて」在语法化方面对「なんか」的影响. Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies, 13(13), pp.60-pp.72.
  • Chen Liandong.(2016). Cong Nante Dao Nanka (From Nante to Nanka). Language and Literature Research on Chinese and Japanese(296). China: Xue Yuan Publisher.
  • Chen Liandong. (2016, November). The meaning of the changes in NANTE. Paper presented at 台灣日語教育學會2016 年國際學術研討 術研討 會2016, SooChow University, Taiwan.
  • Chen Liandong. (2016). the Grammaticalization of Pragmatic Focus Particles originated in NANI=what in Japanese language. Journal of Japanese Language Study and Research, 185(2016(4)), 46-58.
  • Chen Liandong/Hao Caihong. (2016). Research of Pragmatic Focus Particles in Japanese Language. World Publisher, China.

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