Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Asst Prof Christopher Cummings

Assistant Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

Asst Prof Christopher Cummings

Dr. Cummings currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication. His research crosses several research domains including science, health, environmental, and risk communication (ComSHER), public understanding of science, communication campaign design and evaluation, and anticipatory governance of emerging technologies. He also directs the International Strategic Management Program (ISCM) at the university, where he is currently assisting health professionals and campaigners with combating childhood obesity among the Māori and Pacific Islander groups on the North Island of New Zealand. Currently, Dr. Cummings is investigating how experts and members of the public come to make sense of uncertain and complex risk and health issues while unpacking how different forms of communication play critical roles in influencing decision-making processes.
Research Interests
Improving predictions of public understanding and acceptance of nanotechnology-enabled food products and labels
Predicting public support for use of geoengineering technologies
Expert decision making regarding synthetic biology
Comprehension of consumer products and messages
Multi-criteria decision analysis of governance options regarding synthetic biology
Investigating media portrayals of risks associated with transboundary air pollution in Southeast Asia
Investigating communication influences on secondary risk perceptions associated with vaccine use
Current Projects
  • Advancing anticipatory governance and protection motivation theory: Identifying cross-cultural communication challenges regarding synthetic biology
  • Improving Influenza Vaccination Among Older Adults InSingapore
  • Improving Influenza Vaccination among Older Adults in Singapore
  • ‘SynBio & Singapore’: convergent research cases to prioritize public engagement and promote policy-making
Selected Publications
  • Cummings, C. L., Chuah, A. S. F., & Ho, S. S. (2018). Protection Motivation and Communication through Nanofood Labels. Science, Technology, & Human Values, , 016224391775399.
  • Cummings, C., Chuah, A., and Ho, S. (2018). Protection Motivation and Communication through Nano-Food Labels: Improving Predictive Capabilities of Attitudes and Purchase Intentions toward Nano-Foods. Science Technology and Human Values, .
  • Kong, S., and Cummings, C. (2018, January). Development of the General Health Information Seeking Scale. Paper presented at Social and Behavioural Change Communication Annual Meeting.
  • Cummings, C., and Kuzma, J. (2017). Societal Risk Evaluation Scheme (SRES): Scenario-based Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Synthetic Biology Applications. PLoS ONE, 12(1), 1-24.
  • Cummings, C.(2017). Comprehension of products and messages. Consumer Perceptions of Product Risks and Benefits(153-173). USA: Springer.

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