Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Mdm Ulrike Marianne Murfett

Senior Lecturer, College of Business (Nanyang Business School)

Mdm Ulrike Marianne Murfett

Ulrike Marianne Murfett joined the Nanyang Business School in January 2006 and was appointed Head of the Communication Management Group in February 2008, a position she held until May 2015. Ulrike develops and teaches the communication management curriculum at both undergraduate and graduate levels and runs training programmes for managers of MNCs. She is also in charge of and teaches the SAF-NTU Academy’s communication management module in the master’s programme for SAF and international officers.

Ulrike is a passionate teacher, committed to equipping her students with vital communication knowledge and skills, so that they can manage the communication challenges of the global workplace confidently and present themselves as sophisticated, persuasive communicators, able to connect with the hearts and minds of their audiences. She has won NTU's most prestigious teaching awards.
2015: The SMO Teaching Excellence Award
2013: The SMO Teaching Excellence Award
2011: The Nanyang Award for Excellence in Teaching
2011: The SMO Teaching Excellence Award
2010: NBS Teacher of the Year (Business)

Prior to joining NTU, Ulrike taught professional and technical communication at various tertiary institutions. She has also worked as an editor and translator of technical and medical texts (English, German, French) and has edited academic textbooks.
Research Interests
Agent-customer interactions in call centres
Social media and their use in organisations
Communication strategies of extremist groups
Selected Publications
  • Clark, C., Tan, M. L., Murfett, U. M., Rogers, P., & Ang, S. (2019). The call center agent’s performance paradox: A mixed-methods study of discourse strategies and paradox resolution. Academy of Management Discoveries, in press.
  • Murfett, U.M. & Yew, D. (2015, September). Analyzing the astonishing success of extremist messaging. Paper presented at 57th Conference of the International Military Testing Association, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Murfett, U.M. & Yew, D. (2015). Communication strategies for the global workplace, 2nd ed.. Pearson Education.
  • Murfett, U.M. & Yew, D. (2014, October). Self-awareness as the stepping stone to effective communication. Paper presented at 56th International Military Testing Association Conference, Hamburg, Germany.
  • Murfett, U.M. & Yew, D. (2014). Communicate better with social media.The Business Times., 17 June 2014, 10.

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