Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Hu Xiao

Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Director for Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute-Environmental Chemistry & Materials Ce

Prof Hu Xiao

Hu obtained his BEng degree from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1985. He went on to receive his MSc and PhD degrees from the Materials Science Centre, University of Manchester in the United Kingdom in 1998 and 1990 respectively. He worked as an SERC (UK) postdoctoral associate at Manchester University from December 1990, before joining Nanyang Technological University in April 1992 as a founding faculty member of the Materials Science & Engineering program. He co-founded the Polymer Laboratory in the School of Materials Science & Engineering, and served as Director of Graduate Programs in the School and as its inaugural Head of Division of Materials Technology. He is now a full professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering.
Research Interests
Composites and Nanocomposites
Functional Polymers: Synthesis and Assembly
Nanocrystals Synthesis and Modification (including rods, dots and tubes)
Organic-inorganic Hybrid Materials
Current Projects
  • Advanced Cryogel Technology for Water Purification
  • Advanced Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials (2nd project of 5 projects under Proj A - Advanced Functional Mat'ls Prog 2
  • Aggressive swelling for recycling of thermoset epoxy materials
  • Artificial Mesoscopic Structures For Next Generation Photonics And Electronics – Synthetic ZnO Nanocrystal UV Light Source
  • Catalytic Active Catalyst Support Using Incineration Ash
  • Development of Phthalonitrile (PN) based High Temperature Polymer Foams (under Advanced Functional Materials Programme)
  • Development of Stimuli-Responsive Polymers - Thermally Responsive Hydrogels for Draw Solute Application
  • Development of Tamper Resistant Encapsulant for Secured Electronics Packaging
  • Development of coiled flexible sub-sea thermoplastic composite risers
  • Development of flexible thermoelectric circuits and its thermal management solution
  • Dyneema Fibre Composites for Impact Resistant Application
  • Enhancement of metallized BOPET films for food packaging application
  • High Impact Absorbing Elastomeric Ionogel for Smart Safety Glass
  • MIEX Pilot Plant Trial and Waste Brine Treatment for Reuse
  • Materials and Process Development for High Performance, Green and Sustainable Flexible Food Packaging
  • Nano-encapsulation of agrichemicals for sustainable agriculture
  • Nanothermochromism integrated with smart matrix: ultra-large solar modulation, high luminance transmission and heat management
  • Organic/Inorganic Transparent Thermoplastic Nano-composites
  • Physical Properties Resulting from Structure Interactions between Modified and Non Modified Carbon Nano Tube Filler Materials and Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) Matrices
  • Point-of-use Water Purifier: Lab to Pilot
  • Point-of-use Water Purifier: Lab to Pilot
  • Project A - Advanced Functional Materials Programme 2
  • Recovery and Microbial Synthesis of High-value Aquaculture Feed Additives from Food-processing Wastewater
  • Reinforced Polyolefins
  • Reinforced Polyolefins (Continuation)
  • Sub Project 4 - Tamper Resistant Materials for IC Packaging
  • Sub Project 7 - New Organic Precursors for Carbon Materials: Precursor Development and Carbonization Processes
  • Sub-Project 2 - Development of Phthalonitrile (PN) based High Temperature Polymer Foams
  • Synthetic Channel-Based Biomimetic Membranes for Desalination
Selected Publications
  • Yueping Bao, Yunfeng Chen, Teik‐Thye Lim, Rong Wang, Xiao Hu. (2019). A novel metal organic framework (MOF) - mediated interfacial polymerization for direct deposition of polyamide layer on ceramic substrates for nanofiltration. Advanced Materials Interfaces , .
  • Yunfeng Chen, Chang Liu, Laurentia Setiawan, Yi-Ning Wang, Xiao Hu, Rong Wang. (2017). Enhancing pressure retarded osmosis performance with low-pressure nanofiltration pretreatment: Membrane fouling analysis and mitigation. Journal of Membrane Science, 543, 114-122.
  • Oh W.D.*, Lei J., Veksha A., Giannis A., Lisak G., Chang V.W.C., Hu X., Lim T.T. *. (2017). Influence of surface morphology on the performance of nanostructured ZnO-loaded ceramic honeycomb for syngas desulfurization. Fuel, 211, 591-599.
  • Xuesong Li, Shuren Chou, Rong Wang, Lei Shi, Wangxi Fang, G. Chaitra, Chuyang Y. Tang, Jaume Torres, Xiao Hu, Anthony G. Fane. (2015). Nature gives the best solution for desalination: Aquaporin-based hollow fiber composite membrane with superior performance. Journal of Membrane Science, 494, 68-77.
  • Kai Tao, Jianmin Miao, Sun Woh Lye, Xiao Hu. (2015). Sandwich-structured two-dimensional MEMS electret power generator for low-level ambient vibrational energy harvesting. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 228, 95–103.

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