Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Sourav Saha Bhowmick

Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering

Assoc Prof Sourav Saha Bhowmick

Sourav S Bhowmick is a computer scientist and an educator. He leads the Data Management Research Group at NTU (DANTE). He is also the Research Group Lead of Data Management & Analytics Group in SCSE. He was a Visiting Associate Professor from 2007 to 2013 at the Biological Engineering Division, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. He was a Senior Visiting Professor at Fudan University in 2013.

Sourav’s core research expertise is in data management, human-data interaction, and data analytics. He is more excited to solving problems not within the mainstream of these fields that require new perspectives instead of yet another solution to a traditional problem. Consequently, his research interests are multi-area (e.g., data management and HCI, data management and IR) and multi-disciplinary (e.g., system biology and data analytics, social psychology and data analytics, cognitive psychology and data management, abstract art and social analytics, adult learning and data management) in flavor, focusing primarily on developing novel paradigms, algorithms, technology, and software to improve efficiency of software as well as humans.

Sourav has published more than 100 papers in top-tier data management, data mining, multimedia, bioinformatics, and systems biology venues such as ACM SIGMOD, VLDB, IEEE ICDE, ACM WWW, CIDR, ACM MM, ACM SIGIR, IEEE TKDE, VLDB Journal, Bioinformatics, and Biophysical Journal. The common thread running through his research is a focus on going beyond papers to build usable novel prototypes. He has received Best Paper Awards at ACM CIKM 2004 and ACM BCB 2011 for papers related to evolution mining and biological network summarization, respectively. His work on influence maximization was nominated for the best paper award in SIGMOD 2015. He has co-authored books on “Summarizing Biological Networks” and “Human Interaction with Graphs”, which are published by Springer-Verlag (May 2017) and Morgan & Claypool (August 2018) publishers, respectively. His research is supported by over S$4M in research grant from the Singapore-MIT Alliance and the Ministry of Education (4 Tier 2s, 6 Tier 1s).

Sourav's research has been deployed in the real-world. His XML data management framework for biological data was part of the product of a local startup HeliXense Pte Ltd in 2002. More recently, his data-driven conflicts of interest (COI) detection system called CLOSET is being used by several premium conferences.

Sourav regularly serves as a reviewer for premium data management and data analytics conferences (e.g., SIGMOD, VLDB) and journals (e.g., TODS, VLDB Journal). He has served/serving as a program chair/co-chair of several venues including ACM CIKM 2020, IEEE BigComp 2018, DASFAA 2014. He has also served/serving as Group Leader (area chair) for SIGMOD 2019, SIGMOD 2021, and ICDE 2021. He is a member of the steering committee of DASFAA. Sourav has been panelist, tutorial and keynote speaker in several international conferences (including SIGMOD, VLDB). He has also been reviewer of external Ph.D dissertations, national and international grant proposals, and external tenure applications. He is a member of the editorial boards of several international journals (e.g., IEEE TKDE, JASIST, SIGMOD Record). He is a co-recipient of the "VLDB Service Award" in 2018 from the VLDB Endowment for his contribution in designing an efficient PVLDB proceedings management framework. He is also conferred "Distinguished PVLDB2020 Review Board Member Award" in 2020 for "outstanding services to VLDB 2020 and data management community".

Sourav have strong interest and passion for teaching undergraduate and graduate students. He was Nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award for 3 consecutive years (2003, 2004, 2005). He was recipient of Lecturer of the Year Award (2002-2003) for Year 1 undergraduate course. Sourav have been invited twice (2011 and 2013) by the Database Society of Japan to mentor graduate students.
Research Interests
Data management, human-data interaction, data analytics, network biology, computational social science, data-driven adult learning.
Current Projects
  • Advanced Image Informatics Tools
  • Advanced image informatics inter-university research project
  • Algorithms and Index Structures for Realtime Dynamic Ride-Sharing
  • Correlation Discovery in Graph Databases and Its Applications
  • Differentially Private Data Publishing
  • INGOT:Towards Systems Boilogy-driven in Silico Combination Therapy with Application to Cancer
  • Intelligent CAD Algorithms using Cloud Computing and Machine Learning
  • NEURON: Query Optimization Meets Natural Language Processing for Enhancing Learning of Database Technology
  • PANACEA: Towards Computational and Systems Biology-based Personalized Combination Therapy with Application to Cancer
  • PET-DEVICE++ (Push-pull Extraction Tool for Distributed Audio Visual Content Terminal)
  • Towards Data-driven Visual Graph Query Interface Construction and Management
  • Towards Hallmark-aware Data-driven Target Combination Prediction for Cancer
  • Towards Network-driven in Silico Target Combination Discovery for Cancer Therapy
  • Understanding functional relationships between socio-affective and neurocognitive brain networks in adults with ASD and ADHD to better inform learning for learners and educators: Towards maximising the adult learning potential.
  • VIAGRA: Towards Visual Interaction Aware Graph Querying Framework
Selected Publications
  • Christina Lui, Sourav S Bhowmick, Adam Jatowt. (2019). Proceedings of 42nd international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (ACM SIGIR 2019): KANDINSKY: Abstract Art-Inspired Visualization of Social Discussions. ACM SIGIRParis, France: ACM.
  • Kai Huang, Huey Eng Chua, Sourav S Bhowmick, Byron Choi, Shuigeng Zhou. (2019). Proceedings of 45th ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (ACM SIGMOD 2019): CATAPULT: Data-driven Selection of Canned Patterns for Efficient Visual Graph Query Formulation. ACM SIGMODAmsterdam, The Netherlands: ACM.
  • Yinglong Song, Huey Eng Chua, Sourav S Bhowmick, Byron Choi, Shuigeng Zhou. (2018). BOOMER: Blending Visual Formulation and Processing of p-Homomorphic Queries on Large Networks. ACM SIGMOD 2018.
  • Huey Eng Chua, Sourav S Bhowmick, Lisa Tucker-Kellogg. (2017). Synergistic Target Combination Prediction From Curated Signaling Networks: Machine Learning Meets Systems Biology and Pharmacology. Methods, 129(1), 60-80.
  • Hui Li, Sourav S Bhowmick, Aixin Sun, J Cui. (2015). Conformity-aware Influence Maximization in Online Social Networks. The VLDB Journal, 24(1).

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