Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Zheng Jianmin

Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering

Assoc Prof Zheng Jianmin

Dr Jianmin Zheng is a tenured associate professor in the School of Computer Engineering of Nanyang Technological University. He received his Bachelor degree and Ph.D. degree from Zhejiang University. His research interests include computer aided geometric design, computer graphics, geometric modeling, CAD, Visualization, and interactive digital media. He has done significant research work in his research areas (such as T-spline technology, subdivision surfaces, rational geometric continuity, surface/surface intersection, curve/surface implicitization, and digital media processing algorithms) and published over 150 papers in international journals and conferences including ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM Transactions on Graphics, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. He has served as a program committee member for many international conferences (for example, the inaugural ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2008). Dr Zheng is an associate editor of "The Visual Computer" and "Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine, and Art" .
Research Interests
Dr Zheng's areas of expertise are computer aided geometric design, reality computing, computer graphics, applied geometry, and 3D digital geometry processing. His current research work focuses on T-spline technology and its applications in isogeometric processing, reality computing and 3D capturing, intelligent 3D printing, visualization for AI, and virtual/augmented reality .
Current Projects
  • A Comprehensive Study on 3D Tile-based Geometric Modeling
  • ACRES: An Autism Cognitive Rehabilitation Programme for Executive Functioning Skills
  • Advanced Analysis, Construction and Algorithms for T-splines
  • BeingTogether
  • Creative Modelling for Design and Realization of Architectural Woodcarvings
  • Deep Learning Based Real Time Face Replacement
  • Digital Twin
  • Exploring Immersive Experience in 3D Entertainment: Product Ideas for the Future
  • IMAV: Intelligent Mobile Augmented Visualization
  • Intelligent Semi-automatic Segmentation of Organs and Tumors from CT/MRI Images
  • Intelligent and Interactive Simulation for Industrial Heavy Lifting (IMI related)
  • Intelligent and Interactive Simulation for Industrial Heavy Lifting (Phase 2)
  • Intelligent and Interactive Simulation for Industrial Heavy Lifting - Phase 2
  • Intelligent and Interactive Simulation for Industrial Heavy Lifting- Phase 1
  • Intelligent and interactive simulation for industrial heavylifting
  • Intelligent and interactive simulation for industrial heavylifting - Phase 2
  • Isogeometric Design and Simulation Using T-NURCC
  • Multi-Platform Game Innovation Centre (Magic)
  • New Local Illumination Model, Fine-grained Shape Recovery and Beyond
  • Next Generation Container Terminals, Part I: A Two-Tiered Storage Area For Enhancing Certain Berths, Part II: Container Automated Storage and Retrieval System in A High-Rise Building
  • Visualization for understanding and developing machine learning
Selected Publications
  • D.Xu, Q.Duan, J.Zheng, J.Zhang, J.Cai, T.J.Cham. (2018). Shading-based Surface Detail Recovery under General Unknown Illumination. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 40(2), 423 - 436.
  • S.Xiong, J.Zhang, J.Zheng, J.Cai, L.Liu. (2014). Robust surface reconstruction via dictionary learning. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 33(6), 1-12.
  • P.Song, C.W.Fu, P.Goswami, J.Zheng, N.Mitra, D.Cohen-Or. (2013). Reciprocal frame structures made easy. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 32(4), 1-13.
  • J.Zhang, J.Zheng, C.Wu, J.Cai. (2012). Variational mesh decomposition. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 31(3), 21.
  • T Sederberg, J. Zheng, A Bakenov, A Nasri. (2003). T-splines and T-NURCCs. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 22(3), 477-484.

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