Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Prof Seah Hock Soon

Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering
Director, Centre for Augmented & Virtual Reality (CAVR)

Prof Seah Hock Soon

Dr Seah Hock Soon is a Professor and Director of the gameLAB at the School of Computer Engineering (SCE) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He was the Dean (known as Chair from September 2006) of the School from June 2002 to Oct 2007. Concurrently, he had served as the Protem Chairman of the NTU School of Art, Design and Media from March 2003 to February 2005 to oversee the conceptualisation and development of the new art school.
Research Interests
Prof Seah Hock Soon has more than 20 years experience in Computer Graphics and Imaging research. His current research areas are in geometric modeling, image sequence analysis with applications to digital film effects, automatic in-between frame generation from hand-drawn sketches, augmented reality, and advanced medical visualization.
Current Projects
  • 3D Modeling Project
  • Adaptation for Animation-Transforming Literature Frame by Frame
  • Animation & Audio Production
  • Beyond the Screen-Expanding Animation for VR, AR and Immersive Environments
  • Centre for Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Computer Assisted cel Animation CACAni 2.0
  • Conference (CAVR)
  • Digital Media Engineering Centre (DMEC)
  • Enabling Situated Learning Via Agent Augmented Interactive Games in 3-D Chinese Water Painting World
  • From Print to Digital: Re-Defining Narrativity for Interactive Digital Media
  • Graduate Programme in Digital Film Technology
  • Incorporating Calligraphic Simplification in 3D Animation Space - A Chinese Calligraphic Concept for 3D Compositional Dynamics
  • Mixed Reality Entertainment
  • Multi-PlAtform game Innovation Centre (MAGIC)
  • Nonrigid Graphics Kernels for GPU
  • Productive Failure via Educational Games for Tertiary Education
  • Real-time Stable Markerless Tracking for Augmented Reality Using Image Analysis/Synthesis Technique
  • Research Grant (CAVR)
  • Sketching Human Character Motion- A Model-based Approach
  • The Creation of Innovative Educational Environments exploiting Contextualized Interactive Augmented Reality Technologies
  • Towards the Design and Use of Virtual Reality in Cervical Joint Position Measurement and Assessment
  • Veno II: Universal Transport Platform in 4th Generation Communications
  • Volumetric path Planning in Real-Time 3D Virtual Environment
Selected Publications
  • J Liu, D Liu, J Dauwels, HS Seah. (2015). 3D Human Motion Tracking by Exemplar-Based Conditional Particle Filter. Signal Processing, 110, 164-177.
  • H Wang, Q Kemao, HS Seah. (2015). Valid Point Detection in Fringe Projection Profilometry. Optics Express, 23(6), 7535-7549.
  • Xu X, Seah H S and Quah C K. (2013). Animated 3D Line Drawings with Temporal Coherence. Computer Graphics Forum, 32(7), 285-294.
  • Zhang Z, Seah H S, Quah C K and Sun J. (2013). GPU-accelerated Real-time Tracking of Full-body Motion with Multi-layer Search. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 15(1), 106-119.
  • J Yu, DQ Liu, DC Tao, HS Seah. (2012). On Combining Multiple Features for Cartoon Character Retrieval and Clip Synthesis. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 42(5), 1413-1427.

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