Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Anwitaman Datta

Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering

Assoc Prof Anwitaman Datta

Anwitaman Datta obtained his Phd from EPFL Lausanne before moving to NTU Singapore in 2006. He leads the S-* and Algorithmic aspects of Networked Distributed Systems (SANDS) research group.
Research Interests
Anwitaman Datta is interested in large-scale networked distributed information systems and social collaboration networks, self-organization and algorithmic issues of these systems and networks and their scalability, resilience, security and performance.
Current Projects
  • A creative environment for Mobile Knowledge Workers
  • ASCII – A Storage Centric Internet Infrastructure
  • CrowdStore: A self-managing secure decentralized storage cloud with fine-grained access control
  • Nimbus - A Secure & Reliable Decentralized Storage Platform
  • Nimbus: A Secure and Reliable Decentralised Storage Platform
  • Reliable and Secure Data Storage in Decentralised Social Networks
  • Safeguarding Open Mobility Data
  • StorEdge: Data store along a cloud-to-thing continuum with integrity and availability
  • Understanding and Exploiting the Dynamics of Collaboration Ecosystems
  • eCODE: Erasure Codes for Datacenter Environments
  • pCloud: Privacy in data value chains using peer-to-peer primitives
Selected Publications
  • F. Oggier, A. Datta. (2013). Coding Techniques for Repairability in Networked Distributed Storage Systems. Now Publishers.
  • L. Pamies-Juarez, A. Datta and F. Oggier. (2013). RapidRAID: Pipelined Erasure Codes for Fast Data Archival in Distributed Storage Systems. The 32nd IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2013).
  • L. Pamies-Juarez, A. Datta, F. Oggier. (2013). In-Network Redundancy Generation for Opportunistic Speedup of Backup. Future Generation Computer Systems, 29, 1353-1362.
  • Liu Xin, Gilles Tredan, Anwitaman Datta. (2013). A generic trust framework for large-scale open systems using machine learning. Computational Intelligence, .
  • Chenliang Li, Aixin Sun, Anwitaman Datta. (2012). TSDW: Two-Stage Word Sense Disambiguation Using Wikipedia. American Society for Information Science and Technology. Journal, .

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