Academic Profile

Academic Profile

Dr Zhao Yan

Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences

Dr Zhao Yan

Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, NTU
Research Scientist, National University of Singapore
Research Fellow, National Cancer Center, Singapore
Postdoctoral Fellow, Genome Institute of Singapore
Research Scientist, MediPearl Pte Ltd, Singapore
Postdoctoral Fellow, Pathophysiological Laboratory, BUCM, PRC
Research Interests
Research Interest

Basic research
The main emphasis of our research is focused on deciphering the signal transduction pathways of drug resistance and apoptosis as it pertains to in cancer biology. Using novel (TCM herbal extracts) and established chemotherapeutic agents we are currently working on the signal transduction pathways that are crucial for inducing apoptosis in cancer cells. The role of histone deacetylase, prenylation, methylation and acetylation inhibitors are currently being investigated as therapeutic agents in the treatment of a variety of cancers. In addition, putative proto-oncogenic transcription factors, like those of Kruppel-like family of transcription factors are being investigated for their role in tumorgenesis. In trying to decipher signal transduction pathways, we are currently in the process of establishing a first order transcriptional network for these transcription factors. In conjunction with expression profile analysis, we also make use of shRNA libraries, HTS (high-throughput screening) and global transcription factor binding site analysis to answer some of the basic biology underlying drug resistance and apoptosis.

TCM research
Anti-cancer effects of extracts prepared from Chinese herbal medicines
Anti-diabetic effects of extracts prepared from Chinese herbal medicines.
Toxicity and pharmacokinetic studies on herbal extracts.
Established in vivo models for senile dementia and ischemia-reperfusion on rats.
Patho-physiological studies on a new TCM therapy for senile dementia.
Mechanistic studies on ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Current Projects
  • Identifcaiton and characterization of molecular markers for chemo-resistance and metastasis in common cancers
  • Identification and dissection of mechanistic action of anticancer multidrug resistance reversal agents from a natural product library
Selected Publications
  • Zehuan Liao, SiawWenWong, HanLinYeo, Yan Zhao. (2020). Smart nano carriers for cancer treatment: Clinical impact and safety. NanoImpact, 2020(20), 100253.
  • Khan RMM, Chua ZJY, Tan JC, Yang Y, Liao Z, Zhao Y. (2019). From Pre-Diabetes to Diabetes: Diagnosis. Treatments and Translational Research. Medicine, 2019:55(9), 546.
  • Fung Foon Yin, Ricky Ang, Koh Hwee Ling, Kun Mei Ching, Lee Lai Heng, Li Xiao Mei, Ng Heng Joo, Tan Chuen Wen, Zhao Yan, Linn Yeh Ching. (2017). “A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo- controlled Study on the Anti-haemostatic Effects of Curcuma longa, Angelica sinensis and Panax ginseng". Phytomedicine, 2017(32), 88-96.
  • Bo-Hwa Choi, Souvik Chattopadhaya, Le Nguyen Thanh, Lin Feng, Quoc Toan Nguyen, Chuan Bian Lim, Amaravadhi Harikishore, Ravi Prakash Reddy Nanga, Nagakumar Bharatham, Yan Zhao, Xuewei Liu, Ho Sup Yoon. (2014). Suprafenacine, an Indazole-Hydrazide Agent, Targets Cancer Cells Through Microtubule Destabilization. PLoS ONE, 9(10), e110955.
  • Chuan Bian Lim, Pan You Fu, Nung Ky, Hong Shuang Zhu, XiaoLing Feng, Jinming Li, Kandhadayar Gopalan Srinivasan, Mohamed Sabry Hamza and Yan Zhao. (2012). kappaB p65 repression by the sesquiterpene lactone, Helenalin, contributes to the induction of autophagy cell death. Bmc Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2012(12), 93.

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