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Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Li Zhi-Feng, Michael

Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technol

Assoc Prof Li Zhi-Feng, Michael

Michael Li is an associate professor of operations management at the Nanyang Business School. He had a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Regina in 1989 and a PhD in Management from the University of British Columbia in 1994. He has been with NTU since 1994. He had held various visiting positions in recent years at Shanghai Jiaotong University (2003), the University of British Columbia (2005), Cornell University (2006), Chinese University of Hong Kong (2008), China Europe International Business School (2010), Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (2015), University of Science and Technology of China (2016), and Southwestern University of Finance & Economics (2017). He has over 30 publications in major international journals, including Accident Analysis & Prevention, Canadian Journal of Statistics, European Journal of Operational Research, Extremes, International Journal of Transport Economics, International Transactions on Operational Research, Journal of Air Transport Management, Journal of Industrial Management & Optimization, Journal of Pricing and Revenue Management, Journal of Theoretical Probability, Production & Operations Management, Public Works Management & Policy, Operations Research, Operations Research Letters, Transportation Research B, Transportation Research E, and Transportation Science.
Research Interests
His primary areas of research are in operations research and transport economics. He is currently undertaking projects in revenue management and network congestion pricing.
Current Projects
  • Research into impacts of next generation electronic road pricing (ERP-2) system
Selected Publications
  • G. Gallego, M.Z.F. Li and Y. Liu. (2019). Dynamic Nonlinear Pricing of Inventories over Finite Sales Horizons.. Operations Research, .
  • X. Shi, C. Chai, M.Z.F. Li, P. Chandrasekar and Y. D. Wong. (2019). A Feature Learning Approach Based on XGBoost for Driving Assessment and Rick Prediction. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 129, 170-179.
  • Shi, X., Wong, Y.D., Li, M.Z.F., Chai, C. (2018). Key risk indicators for accident assessment conditioned on pre-crash vehicle trajectory. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 117, 346-356.
  • Boqian Song and Michael Z.F. Li. (2018). Dynamic Pricing with Service Unbundling. Production and Operations Management, 27(7), 1334-1354.
  • Ying Li, Miyuan Shan, Michael Z.F. Li. (2016). Advance Selling Decisions with Overconfident Consumers. Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, 12(3), 891-905.

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